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Yes its FEB and we All know what that means ….VALENTINES ….

Yes its FEB and we All know what that means ….VALENTINES ….

Alot of Peeps feel its a money making Scheme , but I honestly LOVE IT! I’ve had Valentines Day that were crappy , tears and snot en trane, cried thinking I would be lonely and unloved my whole life , I have had VERY Romantic Valentines Days (Before he put the ring on it!.. Eish let me tell you , flowers , chocolates , holidays the works.. And now I have MOMMY Valentines – Cards from the kids made at School with pic of me wearing ENORMOUS Earrings , and I get to buy some sushi(cause my Hubby loves it), and then we wait for the kids to go to bed… which on that night takes longer then normal … then we eat our Sushi in 5 minutes and depart to our FAV places …watching PVR “Real Housewives of Whatever and Him… some skop , skiet en …… But I still bought his FAV and let him know I love him to Death!

But I love it – I love seeing People buying bouquets and gifts , I watch Facebook and look out for fancy proposals.. Its not about spending the most , its about just letting some-one know they Special and Loved! And please don’t tell me that you tell them everyday ,, thats BULL! Life is so rushed and busy and sometimes we forget how much the special person does and part they play in our LIVES! So make a card and write something special , a picked bunch by the kids is a Winner!! I have also shared a link for those who are planning to go BIG – some Awesome Specials from our Local #KZN Peeps.. VALENTINES SPECIALS – and if you have a Special /Event , Please add for FREE anytime and we will Share . And send me some pics so We can add to the Cafe Couch Facebook Page

What kids think of VALENTINES DAY (Click and Watch)

Two kids with hearts on the eyes

I see that its ” School Dance” Season – please check out Jo-Jo’s Bridesmaids – She is so awesome to deal with and can help find that perfect Dress , and on the topic of Dresses – Brides – You can find your Dream Dresses at Les Belle Femmes or Coral Island Bridal . ( can also been found on Facebook).

Remember Cafe Couch offers Advertising Specials that don;t break the Bank , and we love Reviewing new Businesses … SCHOOL Listings are FREE so add your School and let me know . Subscribe to Our Newsletter and forward to your Mates , And Cause its the Month of Loooovvvveee Like and Love us on Social Media

Have a wonderful Month of Love Mel


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