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Teenagers ... no-one prepares you EVER!

So Hi , I know it has been forever but I am back after a sprint into 2024 and trying to navigate Gr12, 11 and Gr6!

What I would love some advice on , is Teenagers! Firstly where is the Book called ' What to Expect When Raising Teenagers' ?

The moods for me are so confusing.

Knowing absolutely blady everything at 16 just blows my mind!

Fashion - That's a whole Blog on its own! This BUSHY front piece for boys in the middle of their forehead is baffling !

( I mean the kid has a lovely face but his Hair is hiding it all!)

I cant wait for them to look back one day and think ' Holy Moly what was I thinking looking like somebody sat on my forehead and scrunched my hair (you know #TrueStory ).

Jeans - are these painted on! I do think though they take some fashion sense inspo in this department from Sports/Boarder Masters at their school! Those jean pant are TIGHT! Maybe I am just an old fashion Mom looking for the hunky Camel Man Look , and I suppose our parents felt the same in our day!

I mean those teased up fringes were delightful!!

Lets talk sandals or SLIDES as they are known and worn with SOCKS! Even when the sun is burning a whole through earth , those socks are on!

Parents of Girls - Tell me , what's your take on all the above?

And where do we fit into their lives - Just call me ATM - Airtime -Data - and Lift Club! I wont lie , I really do wish my children grew up on the streets ( yes the streets) in the 80's and got to party in the early 90's!

It would make them hardcore! They would be able to cross the school parking lot safely!

I honestly have no idea what is so funny on some of the YOUTUBE or TIkTok videos they watch and the MUSIC!!! Lordy those lyrics are shocking.. we thought "my big fat salty balls" were bad!!

So besides this journey Us Parents are swimming through , can you believe it is already APRIL! My year has definitely been busy on the Social Media side and I am blessed with amazing Brands and Products I get to try and work with , and then share with you my thoughts , journey and some great discount codes! I am super transparent and honest when it comes to what I promote or showcase! If I feel something doesn't work for me or I had a bad experience , I honestly cannot just give it a thumbs up! I also work with Brands and Businesses that fit into my lifestyle and who I am and my family are! I do believe word of mouth is super effective and should be taken seriously when promoting something! NOBODY likes false advertising and to arrive somewhere and it looks nothing like the write up or pictures or try something and it tastes HORRIBLE - How can I promote this!

This Year again I am still working with amazing Businesses as their Brand Ambassador and will definitely recommend them . I always tell my followers you are more then welcome to DM me with any questions on products , procedures and destinations that I recommend or write about!

My Journey with Dr Lerissa Chetty will continue which I am so excited about and really was something I never thought I would do! On the Subject of SKINCARE - working with Amor owner of Redlands Hair and Beauty is amazing! Learning what works for my skin , and to also take time out to spoil me as a women!

Follow my Instagram for Codes - MullingItOverWithMel

I also have some amazing Local Hotel's and Lodges that I will be visiting and sharing with you on the MIDLANDS MEANDER - Guys , the Midlands really has so much to offer , whether a weekend , few days or Sunday Lunch at one of the Hotels . I do know Rawdons Hotel has a great Sunday Special Running.

So pack the car and take a drive.

The Midlands Meander is not just Hotels and Lodges , check out some fun activities as well for you and the family!

I did a super fun but hard for me.. easy for most of you 'HIKE' , where I slept in a cave overnight that you really should think about doing! My goal on that hike - Swim in the waterfall! DM me for more info or click on this LINK and chat to David Allen!

I am also in the process of starting some awesome Women's Events and Outings with 2 other Great Local Influencers where we can just meet up socially , experience what KZN has to offer , showcase your Product or Business with other women and have some time out from being Wife and Mom and just let your hair down!!

Watch my Instagram and we will be making a WHATSAPP Group eventually!

So Happy April and good luck with your TEENS!


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Apr 08
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