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Hello 2024!

Well I won't lie , I've been super slack when it comes to blogging and sharing my news, reviews and craziness!

AND now we have started 2024 like a rocket ship and we are nearly in FEBRUARY - The Month Of LOVE!

To all the parents who took extra bonds out to pay for Pritt and tuperware .. I feel your pain!

Every Year we tell ourselves we are going to Be Healthier, Be Kinder, Exercise, ignore trolls and live, love and laugh .. I will try some of the above but cannot promise!

Sometimes I will fail and order that double chocolate milkshake from Wimpy with a Cheeseburger and Chips (because you can't have one without the other!)

I will show up at Pilates most times, but occasionally I might wake up peri-menopausal and hating the world , myself and just lie in bed!


I am determined to LIVE - LOVE- and LAUGH a lot more!

If you follow me on Instagram that is where you will find most of my Reviews and Ramblings, but I really want to BLOG more and share the amazing Brands and Clients I get to work with.

So far this year I have been super BLESSED with Brands reaching out! I will share products that I feel are amazing and that I have used and love. (I will always keep it real and honest!)

I want to share fun , local Activities, Restaurant Reviews, Lodge and Hotel Family Vacation Destinations!

We have so much to offer here in our own country , so let's Explore!

I also find I attend so many Events and Getaways along the North Coast and would love to share more Midlands Getaway's. A few of my favorites are Brahmans Hills, who have added Springholm to their portfolio , Fishermans Cottage, Valley Lakes and the list goes on!!

I will do all my GIVEAWAYS via my Instagram. (make sure you are following me) . I am running a great one at the moment with BARBET INTERIORS, to win a School Desk for your child at Home!! HAVE YOU ENTERED _GIVEAWAY

Also remember to check out the Scrolling Banners on my Home page of Great Brands I work with and I will share Discount codes they offer me to give my clients, when purchasing ONLINE or booking with them! ( its a win win guys!)

Any Brands that would like to work with me, please contact me on

I am keeping this short and sweet and Happy 2024 to Everyone and I really am praying that 2024 will be kinder to us all!

Chat soon



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