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Wow you blink, Santa’s Coming down the chimney!

I cannot believe its Movember already! Feels like yesterday that Brent and I were scared as Hell sending our 3 Precious Boys to a New School for 2018 , especially since they were going to Gr5 & Gr6 .. and leaving a school they had known since they were 4! AND let me tell you , What a great Decision that was. Our 3 young boys have grown in leaps and bounds in Every way – Sometimes you just need to take a chance because you will be SUPER DUPER surprised. We are sometimes so scared of the UNKNOWN and alot of the time follow people instead of doing whats Best for Us.. Please watch this video and Testimonial from a Mom of Merchiston Prep – It just blew me away because that is how we feel as Parents of Merchiston and we have been here just 1 Year! We feel like we belong and feel like Family.

If you are looking for a School with Boarding for Your Boys -visit MerchistonPrep – From the Level of Sport , Academics and Manners Taught, you cannot go wrong. When People come up and stop me in the Malls to say ” Wow you have such well mannered boys – I get teary!! And Brent Puffs up like a Peacock.. Super Proud of the Values and Manners that Merchiston instills in Our kids daily.. OK enough of that …. but seriously contact me anytime!

Again just a reminder with Exams and Tests at our Door – here is a page with some helpful tips and Websites. #Biostrath is also a biggie in my House! Also with Summer HERE – and our kids are out-and-about on the Sports Fields and the Beach , please remember to smother them with Sunscreen – SAVY Sun Facebook Page (Nivea ). I see that alot of the Stationary Suppliers have sent out their Price Lists – I used Specialty as I mentioned before, super efficient and Price Right!

Cafe Couch has had a busy Year , but not with Our Own Events – so next Year I have decided to Do Events for us Ladies – Fun , Bucket List stuff like “learning to surf” , movie morning without the kids , Bowls or A Night at the Races! Email me if you are keen and would like to be on this list ( , Even Suggestions or if you offering Your Venue or Product Special for us Cafe Couch Ladies . Next Year we need to look at Ourselves as well and take some time out away from the Hussle & Bustle of Responsibilities!!

We are also running at Early “Black Friday” Special – List your Business with us for just R400.00 for a 6 month listing and we will Share on Social Media! (ends ( 9th Nov 2018) Keep all the Event Listings coming in – It’s FREE to add them Anytime. Still needing those Christmas Lunch Specials.

Till December Peeps



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