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Well Hello 2023!

Well lets just say that the last 2 years have been challenging - BUT life goes on and I'm back baby!

I have found that instead of learning to slow down, life seems to have sped up and become manic and we are so busy - trying to save our businesses , support our families and play catch-up!

All those that have bonded everything they own just to pay for the price of PRITT and school stationary , I feel your pain - The cost of living has quadrupled.

South Africans are amazing though and somehow just keep swimming and trying our best to provide. I do get super disheartened with the state of our Country - from the Eskom Crisis , potholes the size of china and the filth I see in my hometown , Pietermaritzburg.


I also look around and see so many amazing Businesses , families and People that continue to try ,pray and keep working so hard to succeed!

I am super blessed I get to work with some of these Businesses and showcase them!

I will share them with you , Beautiful Venues ,delish recipes, fun outings, Family-travel sports, What's On Where, fantastic products , amazing specials or discount codes they offer you!

So I hope you stay subscribed to my Blog - Visit my Instagram and follow for GiveAways and my crazy life ( #Unfilited life of a mom #MartinFamdamily ) - keeping it real and honest as possible!

I did say that this year I should "stop and smell the roses more" and my hashtag this year is #KnowYourValue !

Look forward to chatting to you guys , keep messaging and commenting and let's pray and do our Best to make 2023 AMAZING!

PS - To welcome you all back -Check out OUR GiveAway with 3 amazing Business.

Mel Martin

Inst @mulling_it_over_with_mel


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