Week 3408357 cause that is What it feels like!

Good Morning South Africa!!

Besides it been absolutely freezing here in Ashburton, Pietermaritzburg where I can barely type , I can say SJOE!

What a foken week to put it bluntly!

No other words to describe what we have been through as a Country.

Maybe heartbroken , angry and petrified could be some other words we could use , I am sure you all have more descriptive ones!

To the millions who have worked their entire lives or even just began to start their Businesses , that lost them in 2 days! I am so so sorry - here there are NO WORDS!

Just here in Pietermaritzburg I have friends / Clients that have lost EVERYTHING and my heart is broken!

To Mary-Ann owner of Barbet Interiors who a week earlier had just moved into a beautiful store , only to have it looted completely trashed!

Tracey owner of Touchwood Interiors whose husband watched on his home cameras as their business was destroyed and Chenelle , single mom who opened her dream Beauty Boutique (Tranquil Bleu) only to have it vandalized! I AM SORRY...


I also know that you are all amazing and that have decided to keep going and start again to rebuild what you started!

So please let us remember to support these and other amazing LOCAL Businesses.

Then a HUGE Thank You to the Communities that guarded and protected us night and day during this unrest , we as moms , elderly and communities are so grateful.

I personally would like to say THANK YOU to the Ashburton Community and M17 National Group without you I am not sure how I would have coped!

To the communities that also grouped together after this destruction and cleaned the mess that others have made and fed those that could not get or afford food! THANK YOU !

To Boxer SuperStores who so kindly supplied over a 100 Grocery Care Boxers to Our Community Members that patrolled each day and night to keep our Stores and Community Safe from looters and vandalism -THANK YOU!

I do hope and pray that this is the end of it and that this Countries Leaders can take a hard look at the past week and make sure this NEVER happens again and that we as a Country could start to grow and realize that we have to start working together!

We live in one of the most beautiful countries in the World - Let's not destroy it or watch millions leave to live abroad because that is what is and will continue to happen!

Let us keep supporting our Local Businesses in this difficult time as we really have so much to offer.

Next week many of our kids will go back to school and they desperately need some normality in their lives , with experiencing a pandemic and now this , they are all frightened and unsure of the future!

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