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Sometimes its not about US , but what is best for them.

Please don’t tell me my child needs Ritalin or Concerta or any of those chemicals! I will not give them to him , I will try everything Herbal, and change their diet, BUT I will not put them on any of the above! Yes, that’s what I said when I’ve heard other parents saying , we have to put Johnnie on Ritalin , the School and the teacher says he is just not concentrating and his mind is wondering all over!! Oh and most moms whisper this because seriously ” Your kid is on Ritalin?” Sjoe did I feel sorry for those parent’s and thank goodness my kids are so awesome and Academic and can concentrate for Hours!! I mean surely these Teachers can control these kids and why is the first answer “the kid needs medication” Somebody needs to do their job… that’s why I pay school fees!

ANTI is probably the best word I can say we felt!!

Well didn’t I get a BIG wake-up Call this Year! We watched our little Mattie , who has strived as far as we were concerned until starting Gr6 this Year!

Term 1 we can say was a right off …. We were called in and said maybe it is his hormones and let’s just see how he goes – I don’t want to suggest medication yet said his Teacher. Oh I and told her also , listen we not putting him on meds ok!

Term 2 was better but nothing compared to his previous Years ….

Term 3 ,everything collapsed and Our child needed help . We received a letter saying that he just could not concentrate or focus at ALL!! He wasn’t finishing tasks in class and seemed miles away! So we went in to see his Teacher and this time she advised us that maybe Brent and I should just have an assessment and see. We are blessed to have Mattie in a class where the Teacher took notice ,took time and knowing how we felt , helped us understand!

We also then sat Mattie down and spoke to him without shouting , telling him he can do better , why was he behaving like this and not finishing and listening in class , why wasn’t he like Jack! We spoke quietly and let him know we love him and we just want to help him.

His Reply ” Mom, I don’t know but my mind just wonders off, if I hear an awesome car go past, I must look out the window and see it and then I forget what I was supposed to be doing . I get side tracked by the noises around me! I need help to concentrate ,please Mom. Lately we have also noticed Mattie was having such emotional mood swings , and tears for no reason! What was happening to our little Boy and this time we needed to listen and help!

We made the appointment. We were honest about how anti we were but we have realised its not about what every-one thinks and what we think we know , but about how we can help our child! The Doc was amazing , he spoke to Brent and Matt , he asked for a Letter and Connor’s Report from the Teacher for Matt aswell . A script was then given . It has been 1 week so far and today I popped into the class to chat to Matt’s Teacher! What a difference she said. He is listening , asking questions and finishing his work! Today he even brought home work to finish that he didn’t finish in class! He has a project and everyday he sits and does drawings and planning for it , without us even asking…

I will say around 5ish in the evenings he gets a little low for about half and hour.

We haven’t noticed an appetite decline at all or a change in the Happy , joking child Mattie is. ( As I had heard that most kids lose their appetites and their personality disappears while on the meds! Maybe we have just been blessed to experience none of that so far!

I do notice a lot more energy – like getting up at sparrows for school , dressing , singing and dancing around the house and even fitting in a bicycle ride around the farm before school!!!!

This is Our Beautiful Child and we are Blessed to be his Parents and everyday we will listen and try do what’s Best for him and his brothers!

To the Parents that have kids on meds! Don’t be embarrassed , don’t whisper about it or be ashamed! Some of our kids are just a little more special then others and need some help! Talk to your Doctor , get advice and do what is best for your Child!! Stop worrying about what your Friends will say -OOhhh , that you “Medicate” Your Kid ,I would NEVER do that. They not friends and tell them to back off!

Now that we have taken the step, I have met the moms that praise the help, talk about the meds and the difference that it has done for their Children!

It’s given back their confidence! Today when I told Matt that his teacher is happy with him, I got a Big Smile because what kid, wants to do badly or be in the ‘ Naughty “Book daily!! Not Mine! Time will tell and We will monitor his everyday and like I have said, it’s only been a week! After his tests and studying this term we will see his report , his marks and attitude towards School , Schoolwork and know for definite if we have helped Matt by putting him on medication.

SO a Big CHEERS to the Parents that don’t give a hoot about the stigma of Meds , but a toast too doing what’s best for your Child!


PS sorry for the attitude I had about meds and the stigma it has! I can proudly say I am a mom of a medicated kid!


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