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So lets talk about “Mommy Cars”.

So lets talk about “Mommy Cars”.

I own a “MOMMY CAR” ! To my Husbands utter disgust , I can admit this! I have “EVERYTHING” and I mean Everything in my “Mommy Car ” that us mommies NEED .Tissues,Hockey & Cricket sticks , Shoes of all kinds ,Lip-ice , Deo for Hot Days , Wet Wipes, snacks in the cubby incase of a traffic jam coming home from School Sport ,(thinking ahead here as us Moms do) , marbles that roll back and forth as we drive and break for Robots and taxi’s! Included is a BAG -This bag is quite special , as it holds Trump Cards , Paper , Colouring Inn books , Pencil Crayons and some plastic Wild Animals .. this bag can leave the vehicle at all times to entertain kids when You have chosen an awesome Restuarant but kids are miz cause it has NO PLAY area -The bag then appears to try keep them still / quiet while we gobble down our food (cause they SO Bored).


My idea of a Car Some fancy pancy organized PTA moms Car

I think though that’s its more the empty water bottles , sweet packets , 5 year old chips stuck in the seats , his radio station , wifi and air conditioning settings that have been changed ,that drive him batty!! Also he was’nt happy when the other day he dropped the Beamer off at BMW Supertech, to find my bra in the cubby! -I hate bra’s , I dont have the knockers to full them and they uncomforatble! The other morning as I did the morning School run , the kids said “Mom you know dad says that mom stuffs up all the car settings everytime she is in here .. and its chaos in HERE!! Am I the only mom having this issue?

So Some of you might know that last Year , while driving up Polly Shortts my Old Mommy Car caught alight! YES you reading correctly .. flames started to come out of the dash and cubby…. Luckily I was quick thinking and jumped out before the central locking clicked in and opened the doors! Awesome peeps stopped and proceeded to put the flames out with a fire – extinguisher! The one gentleman that stopped happened to be a mate of my hubbys – he opened the cubby only to be nearly squashed with contents that rolled out , burnt and alight! Signed Cricket ball by David Warner (think thats the okes name), Some Bridal Tiara’s from my one show , GBP30 (that I cried about ) , sissors , hairbrush , plasters , a KNIFE (sharp one – no idea how that got there! Wives with Knives!) , contents to charred to identify…. maybe I should just stop there! When he later saw Brent , he was like ” YO , your wife keeps alot shyte in the Car” !!

Moms , men need to know we need this shit! We spend most of the time in the car with the kids , carting them here and there, and imagine if we didnt have all the “STUFF” ! I even once had a blanket and pillows – Twice they came in handy. First time , a kid fell of his bike badly – I rushed over with a pillow to make him more comfy and blanket! People were impressed! Second time (blanket again) , was to catch vomit before it hit my hubbys new VALETED Vehicle! Was’nt he thanking me then …No..


So Moms … tell me -Do you own a “Mommy Car?”


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