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So its nearly Mothers Day … and what does the mean?

So its nearly Mothers Day.

You often hear , ja but I spoil my Mom everyday and she knows I love her and blah blah blah , why do we have to single out a day, and its a money making scam like valentines etc etc …

BULL .. Its a blady fantastic Day , a Day to spoil and love and realize how lucky you are! And a Mother doesn’t have to be blood , she is the women who wakes in the morning to make your lunch , pack your bags ,drives you too school , disciplines you ,listens to your whining and picks you up when you fall, does those blady school projects , and looks at you like you the only thing that matters! For me those homemade or dodgy school creations are my favourite cause I know my boys have done their best to make something special. On that day I also get to look at how lucky I am! To be given 3 incredible little boys , that I can love , cuddle and call mine fills my tummy with butterflies! I will protect them till the end!

It also makes us as Moms know that you get it , you get how hard we work to protect you and that you know we are here when you need us! So whether its a flower from the Garden or a handmade card , let her know how much she means to you! Its also a day I find they behave , all 3! So I can relax and know I will not be throttling anyone or giving them away or hiding in the bathroom for some peace! ITS A MOM DAY!

Cause we So Damn Kool !

If you wanna go BIG – Remember there are some Awesome Venues offering Mothers Day Specials – whether a trip to the Spa or Lunch somewhere Special! IF you have an Event – Remember you can add for FREE to Our Listings -Click and Create an Event! Gwahumbe are having a Super Moms Special and iNsingizi , Jayz Grill , You will not be disappointed! If you looking for something special check out Touchwood in PMB , the most awesome store with beautiful gifts to spoil mom.

Then I am also so so looking forward to the Godswarehouse High Tea! Its such a Special Day – not just beacuse you get to be with other ladies, NO KIDS , NO MEN , lotsa of Yabba Yabba , Fancy Hats , Lucky Draw Galore, Delish food , Beautiful Venue (The Secret Garden) , but its such an incredible cause! So if you lucky like me and have some Adorable , dilly mates – then book! We all need some time out to Live , Love and Loads and Loads of Laughs! Oh and put lipstick on, feel human and get out those sweatpants and wash our Hair!

Looking Like Hot Mama’s We are

So Wishing all You Moms and Parents a Happy Day as I try get out my warm pink , fluffy Gown and continue my renovations at home while still keeping my 3 kids fed and alive!

Mel PS find me on Facebook – MullingItOverWithMel


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