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SO it’s Black Friday tomorrow…..and the Rules are …there are NO Rules!!

SO it’s Black Friday tomorrow…..and the Rules are …there are NO Rules!!

Well its only the 2nd Time in SA that I know of all these BLACK FRIDAY Specials! I hit GAME STORES last year at the Mall … got me a Gazebo for R600 and pack of cokes! Wasn’t so Bad , but I didn’t go anywhere else – Did hear of an incident at local Mall where Pepper Spray was used to fight off another mom for last item…. ,and Checkers at Scottsville and Brookside , maybe get some xtra trolley’s and security – even fencing to protect glass doors!

Trolley’s are like GOLD! Don’t turn around in an aisle to grab something , cause when you turn back- your trolley has vanished (with your BLACK FRIDAY Deals !! There are SO SO Many Specials -but remember, specials are when there is a HUGE price decrease , not R5 off or FREE wrapping paper! For me though … think gonna go the ONLINE ROUTE , seeing I am so tech savy and all! (NOT…still drive my hubby insane cause don’t know what kb and mb’s are , and that there is a cloud in the sky where stuff from the dropbox goes too! Whatever!! My kids are clean and fed and alive and thats what counts!!


So I wish you luck , hope Mr and Mrs Santa find all they looking for – Don’t overspend as still gotta buy Teacher Gifts , and Gammon for the Xmas lunch that you will be cooking for all the Aunties and Uncles you never see , secret Santa gifts also -( and don’t you find you always get the crappiest one!!), and the person that bought it , gets the fancy whisk or Expensive Bottle Wine you bought – 1 Year I got a MILLS & BOONS Book (seriously)!! BUT its not about the GIFT … its about the thought and spirit of Christmas that counts people!!!

So please email me or whatsapp cause thats so technie in 0823772691 ,your BLACK FRIDAY BARGAIN , story or pic , would love to post some on Facebook…. Sending love and health as your Venture out … keep SAFE and stand your Ground and Happy Shopping!!



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