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Remember the Good Old Days …

Remember the Good Old Days … So I am chatting to my Friend Debbie – well not in Person , cause that would be so uncool , on Whatsapp! And we got to chatting about LIFE – Why is it so blady busy , and so much responsibilities and stuff! Remember when there was no Wi-Fi , Internet ,Computers and Cells – No Social Media and Crap! No-one to judge you online , comment about your Life , accuse you of nonsense. Today you sneeze and you been arrested for something! But we keep updated and online because Its how life has become Socially and for Businesses -BUT Don’t you wish it wasn’t!!!

We visited out Mates – At their Homes without calling to make an “appointment” first -(can you believe that) , Our washing and Ironing was over-flowing ( Well my Moms washing and Ironing) , Us kids had dug up half the garden making houses and ramps and looked like hobo’s! We served a cup of tea (in coffee cups nogal! , lecol red juice and if you lucky, some Eet-Sum_mors! You Didn’t have to arrive to Nespresso , sweeteners and Woolies fancy Chocolate Cake! Life was simple and fun! Well that is how I remember things. (The Good Things).

Today is non stop , 24/7! We are up at sparrows making lunches , sorting kids who are definitely not as hands on as we were! Drop off at school – I walked to school , probably further then the cross country routes these kids do on a Friday. Most go off to work , some need to be out and about seen , and then its dark when we arriving home , only to do more Homework , Cooking and Cleaning.. Its just TOO Much . We grumpy and Irritable! Didn’t we finish School early ? Did we even have SATURDAY Sport and School? It was ok to Stay at home on the Weekends playing or hitting the beach with the Family! We had Sunday Family Lunches , played Back Yard Cricket and got Dirty! We didn’t worry if we were not seen , we shared the toys we had with the neighbourhood -Our bikes and Roller Skates , we never minded feeding the neighbours kids until they went home or were fetched .We jumped each others fences , played hopscotch( gosh imagine playing in the road or drawing something outside your neighbours lawn nowadays (vandalism), and played with whoever- Rich or Poor! Why do we hang around with People for Status when its not really who we wanna spend time with! Spend time with Friends , Family you Like People , Its so much more FUN .. I wanna laugh more!!

We swopped a cup of Sugar for a Jug of milk ! Imagine asking today – wow would’nt you be labelled! Kids could be kids and chose their own Friends , never having Parents judge the wealth or who they preferred! We pay for EVERYTHING we Do.. Why don’t we have more Bring and Braai’s – its ok if you don’t provide a 5 course meal and stock a small Bar for your Mates . More Parent time in the Garden with Our Kids. Less TV and Ipads. Good Sunshine D instead of 43 million Boosters and Vitamins! I know times have changed , but I do feel that we can bring back the ‘Good Old” Stuff – letting our kids be kids ,Dress how they want -(Label or no Label), make them listen to our “Old” tunes , playing with them more , teaching them to respect People , Playing with Friends they wanna play with- ,Sunday Lunches like Our Grannies used to do , visiting each other! Sharing life ( not life – partners , that’s another issue I have lately!) Wouldn’t life be more rewarding? Send me your Ideas and pics of family lunches and days out!


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