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Mulling It Over With Mel – Daughter ,Sister , Wife , Mom and Friend

An ordinary Mom living in This Crazy World – Wife , Mom and Business Owner

Daughter , Sister , Wife, Friend and Mom to 3 Boys (Tries daily to be a perfect Soccer-Mom, NOT! More like BADMOM! Over40! Owner Of Les Belle Femmes Bridal , Splash Swimwear & CafeCouch ( –Blog/Review Products and Businesses /Advertise! Whisky & Tea To Botox or Not? I am the one who believed in the white picked fence, fairy tale wedding ,glowing pregnancies and angel babies to kids… Was’nt I given a Wake-Up Call

Yes , had the fairy-tale wedding , got a picked white fence but WOW, inside that fence is Chaos of day to day living , being a wife , mother , friend and trying to run a business or 2! I had the “GLOWING’ Pregnancy from the outside but an emotional and difficult pregnancy with my 1st and 2nd Boys..and yes the Baby Blues , sleepless nights and days.. Then just when life was getting back to normal -No bottles or nappies ! BAM .. Oopsie Daisy and along came Joe – From utter Shock to the 3rd Little Boy who completed our Family!

BUT as we grow we learn each day, we discover what is important, what been a mom is about , a wife and friend ..we learn to JUGGLE a lot too! And then over 40 … again you make changes in personal life , concentrate on what makes you happy and who ! Don’t put up with the crap and just say No ..Its ok! Been a Parent for me is something you just can’t always Explain . The Butterflies that full your Heart when you look at Your Child/Children is indescribable! We get emotions that we never knew existed before kids! We can love them to death one moment and in the next breathe want to throttle them! They make us Proud , Sad , Angry , Happy, and can change our Moods in seconds! BUT what I do know, is that they are the most important people in our Lives. Every thought or action or decision we make … Our Children’s Welfare and feelings are thought of first! We all want the best for them – With so many “EXPERTS” in Every Department – From Schools , What to Eat and What not too , How much Social Media or TV , Vaccinate or NOT , Bullying , Clothing, Toys , ADHD , Sports and the list continues …



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