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Its Not Always Easy to Live, Love ,Laugh

Its Not Always Easy to Live, Love ,Laugh

Wow Life is not for Sissies ! I have totally felt like the universe has been out to get me and the family.. We try to keep our heads above water , put on the brave , happy face when in public , but inside we are an utter mess!

I really am not sure how much more water can come from my eyelids?

Financially , emotionally and physically we are tested everyday , and we try desperately to keep everything “normal” for our kids and pray that things will get better . I know that is how I am feeling lately , and then I see my niece and nephew and another family loose their Dad , a Father , a husband , a son so suddenly and I am thankful for our Health and Life.

Remember when you are not well , take care of yourself, listen to your body and rest!

Also surround yourself with good , honest friends and people that have your back no matter what! And don’t be shy to ask for help! We can’t take the world on our shoulders ourselves!

So if you feeling like a day out remember our Cafe Couch Ladies Breakfast , and view all the Events on our Website – Also add your EVENTS for FREE anytime and we are happy to help Spread the Love. Also visit our Business listings – we have some new Awesome Businesses join Cafe Couch Family . I am also trying to find the time to update the MEALS – making life a little easier with Meal Options for the Family, as I know I lost my imagination with Dinner after the kids came..and isn’t it fun when they all don’t like the same MEAL!! @KNORR have some easy , awesome meals available , I have tried a few and they have been eaten by all the Martins! And praised!

To finish off I was very lucky to WIN 6 tickets to the Muddy Princess #KZN this last Saturday. So us moms , rushed to our kids sports , our Businesses in the morning, and then all met at Giba Gorge at 13h30 ,already drained and exhausted from the day – in NO WAY ready to run a 5km , 21 Obstacle Course in the icy wind! Yes it was HECTIC , Yes it was HARD , but I would just like to say how grateful and privlaged to have these Ladies in my Life .. we moaned , cried ,sat, fell..but we finished all together , a few bruised more than the others , and with loads of love and laughs and memories!

I hope that September Brings easier times for us all and the Universe can give us a bit of a break!

Mel Martin


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