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I really am having a shitty day! We all have them!

Well if you are wondering what I am looking like at the moment and feeling like – Crap is the best word , angry , hurt ,disappointed. I am sitting here still in my Gown with a headache from HELL! My weekend was ruined by a little boy who I did’nt know , definitely NOT my sweet child Mattie! Its TESTS this week. Last week we had a few moans and groans , but in general , he seemed to study and do what he was told! This weekend – NIGHTMARE! I am not sure if my Boys are overwhelmed ,since coming from a School that didn’t do as many structured tests and exams! Maybe they just don’t know how to Study, should I get a tutor? He had a meltdown! Eventually after trying – and let me tell you I am the mom who helps summarize their work , buys study guides and tests online -(which are NOT Cheap) , only to walk away feeling deflated and sad! He was not interested , it was like drawing blood from a stone!

Maybe its my fault? Maybe I do too much for my kids? I make sure they have Awesome lunches ,clean and ready uniforms , Sports kit , materials for their Orals…help with Homework to make sure its done and don’t miss a sports game (even packing alittle goodie/lunch on these days)! Does he even appreciate or realize I do these things? How does this make me look as a Parent , when I have to go to the Teacher Meetings and my kid is not trying! Worst of this is , that he is a Bright little Boy! Makes me so frikkin Angry! Does he act up in class , does he try , does he work at school? I won’t lie, its been a long night , I have hardly slept knowing we didn’t’t finish studying and if he knows enough to pass… I feel like I am taking on the world of a 10 year old , while he seems super chilled like he has got this! SO I am going to breathe in and out alot this week , I am going to step back as this ” let me help you Parent” , and see if maybe its me that needs to let him learn life lessons himself! Maybe failing alittle will give him a wake up call!

I know I am not the only mom out there feeling so helpless .All we want is for our kids to thrive and do their best and most of all, know that they are at least TRYING! One mom phoned me last week beside herself! Basically feeling exactly like I am today ,teary , heartbroken and ANGRY!! Being a Parent sucks sometimes! There really is so much responsibility. BUT if we just give up on our kids , they could end up going either way in life, which is so scary!! So moms – remember we are all probably going through this sometime in our lives with our kids – I am praying My eldest and younger one keep their attitude , cause I would not be able to deal with 3 nightmares!! So if you pass me on the street or in the mall and I am a million miles away ,puffy sad eyes and look like I have been pulled through a thorn tree backwards – its KIDS , Kids do this …

I can only pray tonight that he realizes I am not doing this for myself , but only so that he can do better and have a great education and maybe get into a High School!! Moms /Parents …. no words …just like the phrase I often use ..Just Keep Swimming!


PS … So I did’nt send my Newsletter/ #Blog immediately – I fetched kids … Only to be met by my Adorable , sweet , kind Mattie who came home , showered , ate dinner and studied like a Machine for his Natural Science!!! SERIOUSLY – my Hairdresser Maureda, Owner of Mo Klein ,you might be seeing me 3 times a month for washing away the Grey! KIDS


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