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I Hate Gym, but Time to Eat Healthy

It’s Time to Eat Healthy.

Besides been dragged to Gym kicking and screaming this morning , I realized that eating healthy has to start soon .. Not just for myself and Hubby but for the kids! The amount of sugary nonsense we put in our mouths is frightening, and I can honestly say I feel better without Sugar . I don’t battle with headaches as much , I don’t feel absolutely drained when I go to sleep at night and worse when I wake up! So its time to get stricter ..and I would also like my buttocks to be firmer… not like droopys Eyeballs!

This brings me to meeting Viv , The Keto Queen! What I love about Viv is that her recipes can be made for real! No ingredients you have to find in Timbuktu …and she even has desserts! Her recipes are simple ,delish and easy to make .You can find her Healthy Recipes on our Health Page . Viv also runs Meal Plans and programs, so if you wanting a healthier Lifestyle , she is the lady to contact.

Another Amazing Facebook page we follow is #LunchBoxLifeSavers – if you looking for inspiration and healthy ideas then LIKE them on Facebook and Instagram – Please send us some pictures of your inspirational lunch boxes , we would love to share them

You also might have noticed that Café Couch has had a revamp. We are still tweaking and changing bits and bobs , but I am so happy with the outcome and love the new look – Let me know what you think? The Events Page has just taken off , so keep adding yours anytime because this is always FREE . We also offer Our Amazing Business Listings at a great price. We help advertise your Product or Business on Social Media and connect you with Clients.

I would also like to concentrate a lot more on Women in Business and Moms .If you have a listing with us and Own your Own Business, we would love to do a write up about You and Your Business. It is always a bonus when you looking for an Event , Service , Product or Venue to hear first hand how your experience was – I know that when I am needing info on something , I contact Friends , Family or Social Media to hear about their experience and go on their Reviews . Word of Mouth is a Biggie! So please if you use any of Our Business Listings , let them or Cafe Couch know how it went under their listing or email us . You can also visit our REVIEW Page and read up on some of the Events / Products or Venues we have visited or used!

Check out Our Holiday to Numbi Hotel in Hazy View Kruger Park

As Holidays creep around the corner – I wish you all Safe Travels if you are on the Roads or travelling. To Parents needing Holiday Care – Check out the Events and also to those offering Holiday Care -Please add Yours for FREE. I see that Sugar Rush Park has a few to help keep the kids entertained!

I look forward to hearing from You. Please share the New Café Couch with Friends and Family or Businesses you feel might benefit from our Website. We will be growing everyday and adding New Pages and Ideas to Our Site.



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