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Good Morning Monday

Good Morning Monday .

So we have hit August , not sure how we got here so fast , but we are Here .. and just when you feeling exhausted , another fantastic Looonnggg Weekend is here! So its a 3 Day week for me ,since the 9th August is a Holiday and a very important one if I might say myself – #WomensDay – A few Awesome Peeps added their Events for this Special Day – but if you have one or know of one, Please send them this link too add – Events on Cafe Couch

Well I asked about Weekend Getaways and Specials .We would all love the Fancy, Luxury Lodges , but not always affordable with a family of 5 , and as much as we would LOVE to be spoilt, its just out of our Price Range! Also as much as Brent and Myself would love the spoils and treats of a Luxury Lodge , when it comes too the Big 5 , there is no way in Hell that my boys would stay behind! (So us Lovebirds will have to settle for the Spa Lodges and pampering – Suggestions from us Lovebirds Gwahumbe & Insingizi ROCK! ), And we would’nt leave them behind either , because they are animal crazy and the passion and expressions and moments we have had with them on our family Trips, are PRICELESS!! We just want these irritating little humans with us!!

When we stayed at the Numbi Hotel in Hazyview just outside Kruger Park , we were blown away by the excitement of animal spotting , even birds and chameleons! We thought they would last maybe 4 hours in the Park -But were we wrong!! 5 am that gate opened and we left at 6 pm when it closed – 4 days in a row!! Not once complaining… Only can we stay longer!

So anyway , we have found a Family run Farm 20mins from Huluhuwe Game Reserve and are so excited! Its a secret so don’t tell them ok!! The Lodge is called UmzikiPan and so far the verbal and telephonic communication has been fantastic! So when we back, I will Blog about our BIG 5 /Bush Road Trip!! Please I really would love to hear about Places your Family enjoy , that are affordable and Kid Friendly, being a Mom /Parent it is always best to hear from the experts , and that’s Us Parents – first hand reviews Rock!!

Also if you own a Lodge , family friendly getaway , restaurant, please check out our Business Listings, and think about joining CafeCouch – Moms don’t have time to google here and there, they want one platform where they can click and whoop … everything is listed!!

Its also my unstoppable 6 years old Sports Day this Wednesday and I have a big decision to make – polish those white takkies and run the Parents Race , or sit back and watch the more competitive Folk run , the last time I ran I lost a shoe! Just worried I might pull something and then spoil my holiday! I’m not as fit and flexible as I used to be…maybe convince the hubby to run … watching him could be more fun!!

Dont do Obstacle come Orientering thingy races with Your kids – It can kill you

Well gotta dash as I have a Bridal Fitting (I sell Wedding Gowns) , its my girly time , since being a mom of 3 boys! And been on the Girly Topic since its Womens Month – Check out THE Brides Tribe , as I know there alot of School Socials and Dances coming up – You will find Make-Up , Hair and Dress Suppliers!

Have a super 3 day week … keep messaging and mailing me , as I love to hear from you guys. Suggestions , Specials , Competitions whatever you have to offer and keep us #moms / parents in the loop!


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