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Good Morning Moms , Parents & Businesses

Good Morning Moms , Parents & Businesses Well can you blady believe that’s its the End of July! Some of us have even survived 6 months of the Year! The other day I was buying School Uniforms and Stationary, now I am getting Facebook Notifications on how close Christmas it! For me the last 2 months have been a Nightmare – I am not a #Winter Women at All, and I await the hot ,humid , sticky , mosquito Summer Badly!! Lilos , cooling off in the pool , sun up at Sparrows , when you can actually get out of bed without freezing to death , go to the loo in the night and not hit a icicle toilet seat! Yip I am so so over Winter.

ME ..The Sun ..A good Book .. NO kids splashing!!

So being a Mom of 3 boys is hard work , Yelling , begging to hurry up , please wee in the loo , not on it , pick your crap up , bring your clothing home from school- meaning both school shoes , do your homework , BRUSH YOUR TEETH , Bath/Shower … get off blady Fortnite! Moms /Parents of Girls , do you feel like this and have these problems? ( not the loo one though!) How hard are Girls compared to Boys?

Our Boys are young still 6,10,12 so easier to discipline , But I do hope and pray as they grow into teenagers , they will continue to be “good kids’ , Pray they will all be healthy , They will have good values and morals. They will not fold to peer pressure-DRUGS , I pray they will never experiment or become addicted, this scares me to death, especially as addiction is in my family , I hope that I have taught and shown them what it can do and how it destroys!! Did you ever think when you were out partying and drinking that you would one day be the Parent , and realize what stress we put on our Parents? I do also think that times have changed BIGTIME since I was out and about , and Social Media is another scary item to add to the list – Wrong decisions can destroy young lives . SO as a parent , be on top of the game when it comes to Ipads ,phones , laptops and just social media in general! Social Media is here , its going nowhere so we need to know how to use it correctly and teach our Kids ! Know their passwords , know their friends , have rules when they can be on line and go thru their stuff , especially if they younger then 18! Remember some kids are open and some kids are to shy to speak to their Parents about Stuff! We do actually have a right to protect our kids from these trolls that stalk and bully them! So be that helicopter mom and parent, so many horror stories , don’t let it be one of ours! If you want to watch an Eye-Opener movie on Kids & Social Media – Watch #ThirteenReasonsWhy! Maybe even let your older kids watch.. Silly mistakes can lead to horrific events! So much to Protect our kids from , but its gotta be done! I can just picture some moms , parents reading this and rummaging thru their kids draws and on line profiles!!

Anyway on a lighter note , I hope that August will be warmer , that life alittle easier ,that Businesses Boom – Remember I run CafeCouch for small businesses and offer Great Rates -Please take alook or forward this to mates who you think might benefit – and get them to SUBSCRIBE to the Newsletter/Blog. EVENT LISTINGS are always FREE – so add and keep us updated on #WhatsOnWhen. I am loving all the Events that have been Upload – keep adding Peeps! School Listings are FREE , so add! Have a Super Duper week Mel PS -Remember please message Reviews of Good Restaurants , Venues – Send awesome Pics of family outings! We love hearing from you – And Word of Mouth is so much Better !


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