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And Just Like That it’s 2019! Where do the days Go?

And Just Like That it’s 2019!

Firstly Compliments of the Season to you All . I hope that December was Awesome and a lot of you guys feel more restful and ready for 2019! For us Government School Parents / Teachers, not sure it was a long enough Holiday , but what can you do but get straight back into the swing of things! Welcome to All my New Subscribers.

I am still looking for that magic wand that helps cover 40 million books and 50 million pens , pencils and pritt glue that was sent home yesterday! My Boys came home saying , Wow mom we exhausted! The 6 year old even having an afternoon lie down!! Seriously Boys …. try covering and labelling your stationary till midnight! Felt like Mrs Claus all over again wrapping gifts!

The Hilarious Back-To-School Mom Rant That Went Viral

Café Couch Website is having a Revamp this Year . I am Chatting to An awesome Web Designer – Angela from about New Website and Changes! This Year I am hoping to do more #BucketList Events – Check out the CafeCouch Facebook page (LIKE) , for “Learn to Surf Morning “… with Kim from Living The Dream Surf School.

Also remember that our EVENTS LISTINGS are FREE to anyone and so easy to add! There is an awesome Online New Indonesian/Bali Furniture Auction coming up, some stunning Pieces. is the website and will be loading Pics soon!!

Advertise your Business with Us! R500 gets you a 6 month listing on Our Website , and LIKE us on Café Couch Facebook Page where you can also add your Products and Specials once you have signed up! I have a Business/Product Review and a Blog “MullingItOverWithMel” on Facebook and Instagram! I hope that this Year is amazing for Every-One! I love the responses from you on the Social Media and Blog Pages – Keep them coming! Happy Happy to 2019!! Mel

Our Merchiston #MudRats 2019


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