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The Kid Who Would Be King

Firstly I love Animation and Kids Movies , so any excuse to take my Boys to watch a good Movie ,(any excuse to do stuff with my Kids).
We looked online with Cine Centre Midlands Mall – The website is cool , and it was easy to find the movie and book online.R75.00each on a weekday but I do know Tuesday’s they have a half price Special!
We watched the Trailer of “The Boy Who Would Be King” and decided that is it , and I wasn’t in the mood for 3D Movies- I seem to get headaches in those films and for kids with small faces , sticking plasters on the sides to keep them on … No NOT Today!Off we went , printed Our tickets from the Machine (easy peasy) and stood in the Popcorn Queue! R52ea for a Small Drink /Popcorn and choice of sweet combo!
My Only gripe is that the popcorn could have been fresher!! Jack said we should have just brought the Pick N Pay Microwave Popcorn! (Honesty of Kids!)
We grabbed 2 cushions from the friendly ladies at the counter (to make chair higher for the shorter kids to see) at R20 for 2 and you get your money back when you hand them back after the Movie.

I love Medieval, Fairies , Dragons and Magical Films … I am re-watching “Merlin” onAfter watching this movie I feel I need to teach my kids more about the stories and legends we were taught! The Fairy-tales and Nursery Rhymes .So next movie to find is a good ,King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table and one of my favourite is The Never Ending Story!!

If you go watch , let me know what you thoughts? We LOVED it!

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