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MicroNeedling Facial by Vanilla Orchid Beauty (Essel)

I really feel that after 40 you start to realize that all the magazines , tv ad’s and grannies wives-tales could actually mean something!

LIKE,” look after your skin , don’t lie in the sun with a whole bottle of Pizbuin smothering your face and body!”
Wear a hat in the sun and don’t burn so much!!

I look in the mirror and see these wrinkles and skin-spots and wonder .. what was I thinking ?

I was thinking at the time, how tanned and hot I am looking in my white outfit at Joe Kools on Sunday nights , not that in 25 years I would be wishing I had listened!!

Farhana the Owner of Vanilla Orchid Beauty Salon advised that I try the – Facial -Microneedle Pen focussing on the Recovery Serum from the Asethetic Range From Essel.

I would also like to say that Farhana has the most incredible Skin and uses all her products/procedures on herself , so she is a true testament of the Range and Procedures she offers.

You also have to remember that a facial is not going to fix everything in one swoop , it will hopefully help my skin rejuvenate and prevent further damage and I need to follow a skin routine and further facials!

What is Micro Needling?
It is a procedure that uses fine needles to puncture the skin and create a controlled skin injury in order to rejuvenate the skin.
Micro-needling is used to treat and Improve Your Skin.
This is a Great Video to watch and explains the procedure you would be having

(Mark B. Taylor, M.D. is a world-renowned dermatologist and cosmetic laser surgeon who has been in practice for over thirty years.)

And what are the Benefits of Micro Needling?
Improve conditions like Acne , Scarring , Fine Lines , Wrinkles , loose skin , skin texture ,pore size , brown spots , stretch marks and pigment issues!
I have read that Micro-needling is really good for anti-aging and pigmentation of the skin and this is my main reason for this facial!!

How many Micro-Needling Facials would you suggest?

Anti-Aging/Wrinkles 1 facial a month for about 3/4 months ( Good to have 4-6 weeks break inbetween) = Lasts up to 2 Years!

Skin Types that can have this Procedure


A few pictures of the Procedure I had done . Visit my Instagram for some Video’s of my Procedure.

Procedure of the Microneedling Facial -Derma Pen (11 small needles)

Clean the face with the Essel Toner
Add Dr Numb and leave on for about 20/30 minutes
Add the Stem Cell Serum
Derma Pen Needles are opened (all sealed) and placed into the Derma Pen , Farhana will run the pen over the area needed .
I managed 1mm but you can up this for better results (depends on how it feels on your face and what you can handle.)
Farhana then added a cooling pack onto my face for a few minutes
Add the Essel Wrinkle relaxant
Add the Recovery Serum

Product used = Essel .You can read more about this Product on

Duration of the Facial = One and Half Hours

Cost of the Facial = R890.00 BUT the bonus is , if you phone and use the code CAFECOUCH for the Micro-Needling Facial you will only pay R700.00 Discount of R190.00! (running until the end of March 2020)

Purchase of a Derma Roller = R480.00 from Farhana Owner of Vanilla Orchid Beauty (Optional)

(Use your Derma Roller with Essel Products or your own Anti-Aging or Night Cream)

Purchase of Essel Products = Find all the prices on the website and you can order at the same price from Farhana

Contact Details for Farhana , Owner of Vanilla Beauty Salon

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