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Womens Month They Say! Really ..just 1 day only!

Well its been ages since I sent a Blog/Newsletter! Could be the fact I am a mother of 3 boys , a wife to a man who needs her attention constantly , and run a business or 2 ……

Its August – Women’s Month they Say! What does that mean for you ?… for me- not much….life continues with breakfasts , packed lunches , carpool , watergirl on sports events , supper cooker , tuck me in bed person,come back to school cause I forgot my violin person!!Oh and cause I am a sucker , signed up for Class mom duties to impress my kid! (so alittle xtra work I gave myself!)

I would like a day to just sit around a table in the sun with other “crazy” , busy women friends, talk crap , drink whisky , eat delish food (that I haven’t cooked).. but that’s in my dreams…cause a moms job is never done!

Alittle bit of Profanity -BUT I LOVE THIS CHICK Tova Leigh – WATCH THIS Video

If you offering a WOMENS DAY Event – please let us desperate Women out there know – add it to Cafe Couch Events and I will Spread the LOVE!

Oh and while I am ranting – What’s with people that get to the Toll or boom at the exit, and then only decide to look for their money or cards for exit!!! Surely you find those first, and have it ready as you approach the boom/teller. But no !!-some people decide to hold up the entire mall to scrounge for the change or card!!! It drives me insane, I totally understand the term “road Rage”!!!! Often they cannot find it and then have to “REVERSE” , causing the 45 mile long queue behind to become annoyed and try find places to reverse and mount pavements…..Malls should provide little side offs for these persons who cannot find their change or cards .,,so as not to cause the entire mall exit to come to a stand still!!!. Never mind the FINE inflected if you lose your card ….beware of the little lady behind you about to blow a fuse!!

Anyway wishing all you Gorgeous Moms and Women a WONDERFUL WOMENS MONTH and till we meet again! If by some chance you do get treated like a queen… let me know – would like to share to my husbands social media // email //whatsapp // bathroom mirror how lucky YOU were!



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