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Why Did’nt the Baby Books warn us about PUBERTY?

Updated: Jun 6, 2021

Hi again from lockdown day number I have NO CLUE!

So if you don’t know who I am, I am Melanie Martin a 46 year old , married to Brent and we have 3 boys .

Jack 14 , Matthew 13 and Joe 8 .

We live on a farm just outside Pietermartizburg. I own a Bridal Boutique and Cafe Couch Advertising and Social Media Business.

We Help Business market their Venues or Products and I Blog about Love , life and everything in-between!

Victoria has joined the Cafe Couch team and together we will take over the World ! As you can see from above , I am a mother of TEENS aswell! A full time JOB …

With this comes pimples , stinky feet , mood swings , social media ,eye rolling and a total fascination with HAIR !

How much and where it is growing from! Slow down , I promise getting older is not FUN !

I do lose my shit often , but I also have to remember that they too are going through raging hormones!

Having 3 boys keeps me on my toes 24/7!

Silence means they are doing something they should not be doing! Yes even as teens , not just the toddler stage.. (keep your one eye and ear open at all times!)

Ramping a bike off the roof into the pool , seeing what burns quicker, nakedness and ding a ling dancing (you moms know what I am talking about!) , experiments with all your food colouring on your white carpet and the list continues..

We also have to keep an eye on their Social Media platforms , besides kids bullying and teasing one another , dodgy SITES can be viewed , which I understand boys want to know etc etc but as a mom , really we don’t want our ‘little babies” looking at this!!

I get all of the above, but that beautiful angel you created all of a sudden has mouth and brain that knows EVERYTHING ,is testing you and rolling dem eyes!

Asking “What is Wrong Love” , “How was Your Day Love” does little to ease your mind as the answer is always the same F I N E !

Well I got news for you oke’s , besides being a MOM who will have your back always , I will NOT put up with the cheeky crap and too top it off I am 46 ,so probably going through MENOPAUSE which is a bugger for you , cause being bat shit crazy woman already , this can only put me over the edge!!

Ja, lets say my mood swing’s even have my husband packing the car with the kids and taking looonngggg outings without me!

Anyway I do feel that maybe I have to look a little deeper, breathe a little more and try understand this phase our teens go through!

We are all going to go through different experiences and emotions with Our kids.

I will never forget my friend in the UK Bev saying “Mel , my son said that he hates me” (he was 16), today he is in his early 20’s and again the apple of his mommies eye who can do no wrong and they have a great relationship! So apparently we do get them back!

As I always do ,I hit the computer and I found this on google about What Teenagers go through emotionally during Puberty!

Emotional changes in adolescence

Your child might show strong feelings and intense emotions, and her moods might seem unpredictable. These emotional ups and downs can lead to increased conflict. They happen partly because your child’s brain is still learning how to control and express emotions in a grown-up way.

So like I said I also need to try take a breather or 700 , and remember this…

The experts say :-

1.Keep CALM ,Listen and Acknowledge their feelings.

2.Help them understand their moods and what they might be going through

3.Allow them space to process their feelings and be available when needed

BUT I will add that I will we will be there always , I will monitor your social media , I will guide you where I can ,I will step in as your mother / parent when you need to be disciplined and I will be that shoulder to cry on forever! The Good Times and the Bad times we will be there.

So too all the amazing Mom’s /Parent’s out there , remember you are not alone.

Too the Girl Mom’s /Parent’s , being a mom of boys I have no ideas how your household is going or your moody teens , but we would love to know if you are in the same boat as us #boymoms . Here is a lovely Letter I found from a Mom to her Teenage son that is definitely worth a read!

Enough about my motherly woes!

Victoria and I are looking forward to a great 2021 , Old and New clients , online zoom meetings and live events and getting to Know YOU and YOUR Business!

Let us be YOUR “WordOfMouth” .

Have a super week


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