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Whoop Whoop… School Holidays Again !!

So exciting , its the School Holidays . I was that eager Beaver mom waiting as they ran out … All 3 are so excited as well , no SCHOOL till the 9Oct, no Early mornings , No sports and no lunches been made at Sparrows!

Life is good! OR IS IT …

this is us….

REPORTS – we get their reports! Did our “angels” pass and get decent marks , there could be tears before we leave the School Parking Lot! And have we really thought this through – 10 days of children under your feet , mom mom mom , feeding them every 2 seconds cause they STARVING! Entertaining them cause they can’t entertain themselves! No NETFLIX catch up or Real Housewives cause they watching…. What if we working parents? Can we afford Holiday Care / Clubs? Have we budgeted for these super busy kids! Sjoe Parenting is alot … Just thinking of all the above and I am missing Mrs Barnard , Mrs Bache and Mrs Holtzhausen! Aftercare , ooohhh that too, where our kids can run around with all their mates , eat snacks and we don’t have to stress… I MISS SCHOOL and Appreciate these amazing People that have our kids 5 days a week , all day , protecting ,teaching and entertaining them!! BIGGEST THANK YOU!

These are our Children ……

If you are on holiday , Travel Safe and remember to check out the for Events , Holiday Care and Where to Eat!Lucky we have some awesome ex teachers and Moms out their offering affordable Care and fun stuff during the holidays .Restaurants like Jayz Grill , offering a great Menu with amazing Specials for everyday .. Even an outing to Insingizi or Gwahumbe is a treat! Wicked Karting is awesome for the Whole Family.And also it’s a great time to maybe Call B’Organized ,to sort your Office or House while you entertaining your kids!

Anyway sending loads of patience and love .Enjoy the Holidays, Enjoy your children they grow way to fast..And for those of you who need WINE , its OK! For those of you who lose your shyte with the kids , that’s ok too, cause show me a mom who has’nt gone bossies and wanted to ship her kids off after screaming till she is blue and her veins throbbing in her head! Cause she is 1 in a million and needs a Medal -( we all know she doesn’t exist- we all know people probably wouldn’t recognise us when we losing it!! We do and Be the Best we can ..Our kids are healthy and fed and one day they too will be “Parents”!! HAPPY HOLIDAYS



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