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Who the Exams really stressing?

Exams , exams and more Exams …. So I am lying in bed at about 21h00 last night and my phone beeps – Whats app from a mom , mate . How was the Natural Science studying this weekend? By the time we finished Yabbering, it was after 22h00! We both have little boys that HATE Studying , from an eina here , I’m starving , I’m thirsty , I need a poo , there is always something distracting them! I even tried setting up a lovely space in the garden under a tree with a blankie , only to find him playing with a family of ladybugs! BUT don’t stress because ,My mate and I realized that we have got this , we have learnt so much about Sentiment Rocks and the Solar System! We know exactly which rocks are best for building homes , decorating fireplaces and pillars and that farmers enjoy some limestone in their fertilizer! WHY OH WHY …

It is easy to scream and threaten and lose our shit with Our kids about not studying .BUT seriously we are all different and its alot sometimes for such little okes! The sun is shining , the pool looks devine and your little brother is joling outside, having a ball and you at 10 must study all weekend! YUK , I would also be gutted! And us Moms say we won’t help and tell them do what they want ,we don’t care , while our veins are popping out of our foreheads – it lasts 10 minutes! We care about our kids , we want them to do their best and pass, so we push on ……. ( My mate said she felt crap , but then heard her neighbour , who has a GR4 screaming like a banshee too about studying)!! And we think we the only ones! I am still using the study tools I found – super Impressed with Worksheet Cloud as I find it has all the KZN Syllabus my boys are doing! Afrikaans – we just won’t even go there -Poor Jack and Matt really have no clue! Don’t even understand it ,which makes me worry as previous reports said they were doing well! But that’s for Next Year – I Will definitely be finding a tutor because I cannot help in this department! I just want the end of this week to come so the house is back to norm .. I would rather have tears where they are beating each other up , fighting for the TV Remote or just tired from having fun all day!

So the Holidays have been shortened – this makes me sad for the kids because they really need a looooonnngggg Christmas Vacation . I feel their brains need to shut down and they just need to be kids!! Thanks to those awesome Moms and Peeps that Offer Holiday Care for the Parents that work and those that need a day off here and there to visit Santa and actually just breathe! Also I would love to hear from you. What are your kids wanting from Santa this Year? Drop me a mail or line on the website after the blog

Christmas Menus – I am finding that alot of places are doing Christmas Menus but more for office parities and just before Christmas but not on the day -Please add if you are doing a Menu on the Day! Specials and Vouchers – keep those coming in too. Remember If you have an awesome Business / Product , please check out our Affordable Rates and if you are linked to Cafe Couch we can link you on Social Media to clients looking for your Services! We have some awesome new Business Listings this Month. Remember Moms and Ladies – Look out next Year for some fun “Bucket List” Activities we will be offering! Timeout for us to enjoy the things we don’t get to do much of – Time to make Time for Ourselves! Movies during the day without kids , surfing , Imagine USHAKA with just MOMS!!! It’s Ushaka Marine World – Not just Kids World! If you keen just email me so I can add you to the list …..

Lets get through this week … whether its Wine , Caffeine or rescue drops .. go for it! Mel


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