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Time-Out is So Important.

When I say Time-Out for Us , I mean us Moms , Women …. I am not saying that Dads and Men don’t need, but they are good at taking time out. Whether they go fishing , Motor-Bike Riding ,they go! When they do take the Kids with , then what do we do? Sms , want face-time videos and check up every 5 seconds!

We always feel ‘Guilty” for some reason. I should be spending that time with the kids or finishing a project or office assignment I have , or that money could be used on the kids or the house! We must STOP that and pamper and spoil ourselves .Whether it is buying the YOU magazine and a bar of Whole Nut Chocolate, wait for the kids to go to bed and flatten it! ( Because Really, we share everything with either the kids or our Partners!) A day having your hair or nails done , a night away with the girls at a Spa , Movies , Ladies Dinner! We need to do it more. Life is stressed enough , looking after your kids , working all day , preparing Breakfasts , lunches , suppers or Planning the School Holiday Vacay’s. Our minds race 24/7 and we are super bad at turning it off! Dads are good at that… They can be watching Grand Prix with a kid 2 metres away screaming “Dad please wipe my bum”, and they hear nothing! You though are hanging the washing 40km’s away and can hear your child! And if you are one of these Suppliers or sell products then add your Businesses to Our Website to help us Women, Moms unwind! Beauty Salons , Spa Getaway Venues ,Eating Out Holiday Destinations (I would love you to add and give us Women some Awesome Ideas and Options on Holidays & Destinations) or Events for us Ladies!

We are on School Holiday at the moment and the kids are not like we used to be! They seem to want to be entertained every second which is draining as well! Thanks too the Businesses who listed Kids Holiday Workshops and Day-Cares . I am not sure what happened to being sent outside to play until you begged to come in to bath! Maybe it is because we were able to run up and down the roads playing cricket , roller-skating and skipping with our Friends in the Road! Now Days you will either be kidnapped or run over by a 10 Ton Truck! So Our kids don’t have that Freedom we had! We have set limits on PlayStation’s and Xbox’s as this is just unhealthy for Our kids too! Kids need mud and fresh Air. Life today is just to HECTIC in every-way . Social Media , Longer Working Hours , #Load Shedding is not making it any easier either and the cost of living! Life was simpler when mom and dad worked and we were left with the Grandparents or gogo and we ran WILD!

Not everyone can afford the Holiday Care and Vacations … BUT I still insist that you Awesome Moms and Women out there take time out… lie in the garden and close your eyes and breathe, read a book or sip your tea, but remember your sanity and health is super important and if You are Stressed and over worked , no one benefits!! Happy Holidays to All of You.



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