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They are Just Kids -nobody needs a Chad Le Clos or AB at 6 yrs old guys!!

Let Our kids be Kids on the Sports Field!

Yes I bet a lot of you are saying , Ja Mel that’s rich!! You are that mom on the side shouting away, taking 43 million photos , but I NEVER embarrass or reprimand my kids or others .I encourage constantly and only praise! Its funny cause since changing schools and then competing against them, some Parents and kids have said they miss my enthusiasm (which my hubby hates!), but you can’t please them all! Its Heartbreaking to see Parents / coaches screaming and belittling kids. Surely you know this will break a child’s spirit! Never mind that you teaching them to be bad sportmans . Encouragement is a MUST!

My boys play rugga ( to the detriment of my heart) , and not because they love it ,(they are not built for the game) , but their Dad wants them to play a sport a Term (keep them active),And yes I gave him the whole “Relax in Your Pants Chat”- They don’t always “touch” the ball , sometimes they come off so clean , it looks like they might just have been on there reffing , but they smiling and had fun and that what counts! Yes we all want these SUPER STARS and especially Parents that were in their Day – BUT don’t try live your dreams through your kids! They will excel when they ready , or maybe its just not what they want to be doing! Pushing a kid in a good way if he wants it , is awesome .Forcing a child who really doesn’t wanna be their and would rather be reading in the library is slowly breaking their spirit!

I ran for Natal and won school Sports Days and Cross Country Trophies and all I ever wanted was my boys to run! Didn’t I learn quickly. Jack had NO desire and the more I begged the more he came home and said , Mom its boring , I hate doing it! So I gave up asking. Then his cross country teacher calls me in to say ,”Today I told the boys , only the 1st 8 boys will make the team out of the 45- Jack Came 3rd!! Jack loves to run , he isn’t the fastest but gets better and better as he goes , he loves having me on the side encouraging and taking photos! I backed away, I didn’t push and he made his own mind up!! Yesterday my middle munchkin ran his first 3km and our JoeJoe is keen.. and mommy didn’t push , but was beaming from the sidelines and cheering BIGTIME!!

Our kids are Young /Little only once . Soon they will be teenages / adults and we would have lost all the time loving , encouraging , laughing and enjoying their Youth ,because we were trying to make them Super Stars at 6! Stop comparing your children to other kids in the school! Stop been jealous of the child who just has what it takes ( a natural). Making them do every sport and every extra lesson to make them better – we draining them, its too much!

Watching that Game of Rugga in the pouring rain at Merchiston a few weeks ago , while our boys fumbled around . Watching my hubby just enjoying his happy children without smoke bellowing from his ears cause they didn’t tackle correctly , score the try or touch the ball, made me a happy mom. When they came off that field , as hard as it is for a parent that is competitive , my hubby said well done boys ,he did give a few “tips” for next time! BUT not once did he shout , tell them they were crap. So remember ,when you are about to blow your fuse , breathe a little and remember how you would have felt , or did feel when your parent screamed like a banshee negative rants for the side-line!!

Let our Kids be Blady Kids!!

Happy Weekend – especially too you parents living on the sports fields this weekend! Got home after 8 last night, from cross- country then action cricket , and up this morning to hit the Rugga Field again!! #LifeofaMom #lifeofParents #MartinFamdamily


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