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The Other Babies in Our Lives …. #itsadogslife

Just a heads up.. I write like I think in my head ,not always correctly , spelling (eish) so hope you get the just of what I say in my Blogs!! – To my Husbands Horror “The Dictionary Police”!

Wow its been a long few days …. So Our Rottie Axel wasn’t feeling so lekker last week , he was just so lazy. We didn’t think too much of it ,especially as our weekend was filled with Sports from Friday Day to Night and the same Saturday! Sunday our Gogo said that he hadn’t eaten all saturday , so this worried us bigtime. Sunday he had NO energy at all so we bundled him into the car and raced to the vet – Why is it that kids and animals are always sick after hours and weekends!

(Two Munchkins feeling under the Weather)

Anyway it was confirmed he had biliary and that lately a few animals had come in! BUT Axel had it bad! His blood count was below 10 – normally 40 I think (Brent listened to all the Doc terms , I just watched as my baby had no life in his body), and we were told 50/50 chance of survival- Take him home and medicate and then if in the morning no better ,we needed to find a donor for a blood transfusion! Like this is what we needed! Kids writing Exams and would be devastated if he didnt make it ( I was thinking if he died I would say he was in hospital until after exams), and never mind the cost – Just paid R60 for JoeJoe to have an injection and this was triple dipple that, and he is a DOG!! BUT he is our baby and we would do what we had too!! Anyway a Greyhound donated his blood (many many many thanks) , and Axel was admitted . Day later he came home and still nothing….. Saturday came and WHOOP there was a sparkle and he ate a handful of food (Bakers Maries been the food of choice) and their was hope! Sunday arrived and back to deadish… I cooked Liver , Chicken , Kidneys , fillet steak and even steers burger patties… not a twitch in that nose at all! Monday back to the vet… bloods … injections , tabs and some tins of “get better food” , to be force fed with a syringe!

Tuesday we had our Boy back … he is eating , doing his business, wagging his tail and growling at the contractors! All I can say is we would do it again , yes it cost a small fortune but the smiles on the kids faces and hubbies is priceless when you see your baby eating and bouncing around the house! He is however taking advantage with his blankie and heater – letting us know that he isn’t too keen to go back to sleeping outside with The Fredster! So we praying he keeps getting stronger , puts back on all that meat he has lost (Skin and Bone!)! A HUGE HUGE Thank you the the Vets and Staff of Hayfields Veterinary House , who phoned constantly and nursed our Boy back…..(Lets hope its the last time we see you guys)!

So as I sit and write this and think how incredibly important Our Animals are in our Lives , I see shocking videos and articles on PEOPLE abusing Animals – How in anyone’s right mind can you harm a animal in anyway! Where is your empathy and heart?? I hate seeing the videos on Social Media but these people also need to be exposed for who they really are! These People are part of society! If they do this to animals what can they do to Humans? Mel #Vets #Animals #LoveYourPets


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