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Teenagers – Who else feels like me?

Hi ,just a little about who I am . I am Melanie Martin . Wife of 15 years to Brent Martin and mom to 3 boys . Jack 14yrs , Matthew 12 yrs and Joe 8 going on 38! I sell Wedding Gowns for the Curvy Brides (Les Belle Femmes) and run Cafe Couch where I do advertising for Businesses , throw events, attend events ,Blog about life , review businesses and products and social media /influencer!

Today I want to find out if there are other Mom’s /Parents out there feeling like me or experiencing life as a parent in 2020. Besides this year been super crazy , we have 3 boys to raise. 3 boys at different ages, different grades and totally different personality types! Social media and Fortnite does’nt help the equation and thank goodness the schools are back because homeschooling could have ended very badly in the #MartinFamdamily household. Teacher’s we love you more then you will ever realise!!

Please tell me that there are other Parents out there fighting with moody , but my moms friends let them play all day, kids ! I don’t want to signal out one child , but the man upstairs has definately sent me a child to test my patience. The only person benefiting is my hairdresser , as every 2 weeks I feel like I am washing away those greys a lot more lately! If you have the same problem and live in Pietermaritzburg , visit Mo Klein Hairstylists ,Maureda is a GEM!

I only have boys so I can’t give you a perspective on raising daughters /girls! BUT I can list so many things that drive me crazy!

Opening every cereal in the cupboard and not sealing them! (and now it is stale and “I cant eat that!) Wee on the toilet as they rush back to the fortnite `online game. Toilet paper rolled into balls and flicked up to the ceiling. Hygiene – they could live in those underpants for a week. Soap ,besides wondering if it was ever even picked up during the bath / shower routine, what is the deal with making a whole in the center and breaking it up into pieces! Eating , eating and more eating.. thank goodness for Maggie 2 minute noodles and popcorn! Leaving juice out the fridge with the lid off. Toothpaste – well I am sure they squeeze the entire tube all over the bathroom sink ,not sure how much goes on the actual toothbrush AND into their mouths. Studying, well here we have so many excuses and stories . I am tired , I’m starving , I need to poo , my brain is not functioning with my hands too write or I just need a small break first, `can I just finish this Game.


if you have any hitting puberty well well well .. the joy in “hair” and dangly bits is an eye opener and also a VERY big deal in the #MartinFamdamily House! Areas are checked and re-checked and huge acknowledgment is had by all the males in the home on any new growth or development!! Blady hysterical , I wish the detail that is given to this would be applied to studying! I say that I don’t think that this ever ends and honestly the father of the house also………….. wait let me rather shoosh he would die it if I started chatting online about his dangly bits and bobs. So let’s just say like father like sons!!

In our house you also have to be 13 to have a cellphone. Social Media is such a dangerous place for our Kids , so we have the policy that NO SECRET passwords too open phones and that we have total access to the phone whenever and my boys are super fine with this! You hear far to many stories of bad judgments made by kids and plenty of dodgy people out there targeting our children. Please if you have a moment visit some of Naomi Holdt’s Video’s. I am thankful we never had these worries as teenagers / kids about videos going viral! Kid’s can be so mean and cruel!

I think we just have to be there in these hard times our kids go through , and some will have harder times then others! A teacher told me that some kids hormonal changes are hard to watch and they become angry , frustrated and unable to control their emotions and feelings and that we must watch and understand this before just screaming and punishing them… We need to take the time to talk to them and let them know it is ok and we are here and going nowhere! We need to teach them to be kind. To look people in the eyes when talking to them. To greet their elders and treat people with respect. To NOT Bully or join in but to rather help out. Take in what is around you and notice when a friend or someone is sitting alone or you see a change in them. Not to make poor judgement call’s in peer pressure situations and stand up for what they believe and who they want to be!

Do other mom’s / parents have all these issues? Are we all feeling the same , and if so let’s be open and also be there for each other without judgement! (Not all our kids can be absolute angels!) Girl Mom’s , how are your teenage years going?

Mel Martin ( Just a mom taking one day at a time)

PS:- Deodorant and clean feet is a MUST!!!



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