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Slow down, You’re gonna burn out!

Slow down You’re a Mom-How?Let me first describe this last weekend.Not the entire week cause then I might not finish. Just the week. Friday was Grandparents Day at School , and I was so super lucky to be taking the Photos! (NO I am not a professional Photographer , but I LOVE taking photos and being involved at the School and taking pics!). After trying my hardest to get photos of most of the boys and Grandparents – Armpits sweating in the 31 degrees PMB Temperature , I headed off to Rugrats to watch Our JoeJoe do his thing… Side-step , tackle , bounce or dummy them… not sure all the lingo. And still I am convinced the temp is rising , and there is NO shade as all the Grandparents have hogged it, as they too have come to watch their pumpkins play rugga!

From there I popped quickly to the shop to grab a few items Jack needed to finish his “making Crystals” project for Monday. Back to School by 13h15 to pick up the other 2 Boys , drop my ” surrogate granny” Sharon off at Home – (Thanks Sharon you the bestest always and we love you too much)!

Quick shop at the local Pick and Pay and no I did’nt win after spending R800 and scratching! Home ….. FINALLY.. But its only Friday! Saturday is School Sports – but alas Joe has a party aswell during the time the others are playing Hockey. So lucky I have some awesome Mommy Friends – Lisa took Joe at 08h15 (party only starting at 10! Bless Her , she could have probably slept it! )…And off to Maritzburg College for Jacks Game at 9h20 , from their Matts Game at Wykeham 10h20 , fetch Joe at 12h00! Off again to Local Pick n Pay – Shop for boys for a braai as I will be out! Drop hubby and kids at home – which is Ashburton – fetch my ‘surrogate granny/mom/bestie ‘ – dash to a Babyshower (which I am already late for ) at VCC , and from there to Woodlands to support my Friend Maureda at her Fundraising Event ( which ROCKED if I might say!) Home by 18h30!

Absolutely Shattered , back in spasms but so happy to see my family!

Sunday – Make Sure projects are completed , revise for third term GR6 Tests , Bride at 2pm and then DONE!! OK so where do I slow down? I have 3 very busy kids. I have friends that I will always support as they support me. Nothing above is something I could have missed or cancelled! Moms lives are busy whether we like it or not! Yes there are events and things we can say NO too , but most of the time it is School /Kids related…

We just have to realize we are busy Moms. Unless you are a mom with a kid whose school and social life is off the chart , you cannot understand! Sports , Ballet , Waterpolo , Outside Sports , School …. I do try to take that 15-20 mins tea break away from the chaos when I can , (advised by the amazing Louise Taylor), but I am probably scribbling notes on whats happening the next day!!

Moms .. You are Amazing and so many People dont get it! So When the hubby says “what do you do all day?”Breathe , I know you wanna hit him with the frying pan and bury him in the garden ,and why he is also still knocking at the door at bedtime when you so exhausted , and cannot understand why you so tired!,, just breathe!

If you like me and run off your feet , your kids will eventually see it and know! Recently my Jack has been just coming behind me and squeezing me tightly and saying ” Mom ,I love you so much and thank you for everything you do for me always” And that Moms … is all I need! My Heart is so full!

Moms keep being Amazing even when you feel Exhausted! Try to take time out for yourselves – it is important . And stick together and don’t be afraid to lean on the Mates you know you can count on.. not the dodgy ones … Mel


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