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School Holidays .. Life on the Farm ..and been a Mom

School Holidays .. Life on the Farm ..and been a Mom So we half way thru the School Holidays , No we haven’t been on vacation ,we booked 3 nights away but had to cancel due to stuff! Stuff been like hubby deciding to rip up our bedroom carpet so we could re-tile! NOT HAPPENING like we thought! Upon ripping the carpet, a crack or more like the Kimberley hole appeared! I could probably reach down and shake hands with some peeps in China! WHAT A DISASTER… so the small tile job has become a major renovation!! Alas no holiday outing for the kids! But bless them… they so get it! And lucky we didn’t go cause , Tumble Inn Tsunami hit us 2 nights ago.. taking out one of the farm walls , which it washed thru the neighbors river , collecting some more fencing , trees, small bridge and dumping it back into our adjoining river! More Maintenance costs to help us along… also keeping in mind July 2017 my car caught alight (write-off), and not a KUGA a BMW X5, only to get a new car -BMW X5 Mid Jan, too be taken out by a taxi 3 weeks ago!! Welcome to my Life!

BUT , I get up everyday and am blessed with a roof over our heads , food on our table , 3 beautiful busy kids and the most adorable , irritating hubby anyone could ask for! He is our Rock and how he hasn’t crumbled , and only looked on the bright side , while I have cried so many tears , just makes me thankful and love him even more…. And if you think about it .. Yes its costing us , but its material stuff only. We have our Health and each other and their are so many people out there with more than we can ever imagine on their shoulders!! So we say …Just keep swimming , just keep swimming.

The kids however were delighted with the Small tsunami .River filled up , water everywhere to splash in , found loads old tennis , soccer and cricket balls , and the bestest was the hundreds of frogs to catch and dead fish lying on the grass banks! So paying for the 3 night stay would never have made memories like the above!

Cause catching dead fish and feeding them is cool!

So today I am going to spend the day in the Garden making sure 4 little boys don’t drown , put frogs and leguvauns in my Jacuzzi , no back flips into the pool , ramping bikes off high areas and try keep them safe , unharmed and alive for another day! Cause that is why I am here – to be the Mom!! Oops gotta dash Matt just cut himself on the fountain!!

Happy Holidays Mel


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