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OMG what is in the Air these Holidays….

So for me its the last week of School Holidays! I love my kids honestly but when we are at home they are constantly fighting , and it goes on and on and on. I feel like I am sending them to their rooms , pulling them apart and banning them from Fortnite Time constantly (which is a biggie)! Regarding Fortnite – I have no idea what the hype is about . I made a profile and found that all you do is run! Run here , run there and it is tiring to be honest . I also have a lot of fortnite dance moves going on in my house with 3 boys … if that is their rhythm , then I better send them off to a dancing school ! No way in hell are they gonna pick up chicks with those moves! Yesterday the Dentist ,Dr Cassimjee asked them if they floss and they literally starting doing the floss Dance!!!

So while most of you are probably drinking loads of wine or coffee to get you through the Holidays , I am the tea enthusiast chick.. I love a good Tea. I think I need to open a Tea Shop as there is just coffee, coffee, coffee places everywhere . My hubby is a Coffee Man , so the new Nespresso Machine was a Bonus Birthday Gift this Year!

Keep an Eye out for the Café Couch Catch Up Mornings – thinking of 1 morning a month , maybe 2 if we get desperate. Where we can meet , drink tea/coffee in peace and Yabba Yabba .. Just some Time-Out with the Gals . Meet Knew Ladies , talk about Yourselves , what you do and have no INTERUPTIONS!

For those of You still on Holiday – Remember to visit the Café Couch Events page to see #WhatsOnWhen.

We took a few days with Friends and booked into Rocky Bay Resorts down the South Coast. It was devine . No Ipad’s or Xbox’s ,just good old find a friend and play on the beach fun . Here is my little write-up on Our Holiday , and if you are down that side of the World , CROC WORLD is Awesome for the kids! If you own an awesome Holiday Resort / Venue please check out Our affordable Business Listing Rates and add your Business, making it easier for Families and Moms to find new Venues to visit.

A new Listing is Bazley Beach Holiday Accommodation situated down the South Coast and awesome for a Family weekend Getaways ,Girls Book Club Week-End or Honeymoon right on the Beach

Moms in Pietermaritzburg , please send some Ideas on #What To Do With Kids In PMB# besides Butterflies 4 Africa , Museam and Zoo .. Moms are wanting other fun options! We love African Raptor Centre and Wicked Karting .

I hope that my Newsletters /Blogs make you all feel that we are all in the same boat. Help you find Products and Places easier on the Website , and that you will interact with Café Couch on Social Media , send in suggestions , List Events on Our Site , Add Your Business and send me photo’s of Your Family. Keep and Eye on Our Beauty Page – Awesome Info Coming Soon! Happy Holidays


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