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My life is Getting very Bizzy.. something something in a tizzy!

Morning KZN,

Eish what a hectic few weeks – and when I think of all thats been going on and whats still coming , I keep singing my GR R Song “My life is getting very busy..something something in a tizzy!

So besides the Husband , the 3 boys are super busy at School , we had mini Exams and Sports is just ongoing , JoeJoe is at Rugrats and today is Bike Day ,so car was jammed with Bike (cause I don’t have a fancy bike tow bar!!) , and cricket bags , school bags and those HEAVY solid cooler boxes x 3!! Also my darling little Granny of 88 has fallen ill , so my mind is there awell, she is just the sweetest and she told me she thinks she is ready to visit Jesus! Bless her..

I have also had a week of Brides , looking for their Dream Dresses . If you looking or know some-one , visit Les Belle Femmes Bridal . From Petite to the Fuller Figure Curvy Brides is my Game!

I’ve also started my New Blog Page so please visit anytime . Will probably move my future blogs and info to that page – Cafe Couch is keeping me Super Busy with New Business Listings – R500.00 for 6 month listing (Price Increase 1 April) , so add yours and let me help spread the love and add your Product /Service to Social Media . Event Listings are FREE , so we love you to add your functions and Charity Days so that #KZN is in the Loop of Whats on Where! And SCHOOL Business Listings are FREE too!

It’s also been 11 Days NO SUGAR! Wow is that difficult… and dreading the next week , when its “red Ferrari Day” , sugar is my go to Guy!! But tired of the grumpiness and headaches , the sugar highs and lows , and see it so much in my middle child! I mean treat day for the kids is Friday but he is a nightmare later… So hoping we can all be Sugar FREE soon ,but because I am small built , I stick to the Rice and pasta and potatoes to keep the kilos! Hubby has lost so much weight eating a lot of the Keto Meal Plans and NO SUGAR! ( I am slowly adding few of these to my Easy Peasy Recipes , I find the meals are also fulling so kids are not saying just before bedtime “Im STARVING!). Its the sauces that are super hard to do without – Tomato and Chutney are my FAV and full of sugar sugar sugar! Parents , do yourself a favor and watch “That Sugar Film” , blady scary!!

So Besides the Sports Matches , School Meetings ,Rugrats and Brides I need to fit in a Business Review. .It is a cool one because its a bit of Pampering and who doesn’t like to be pampered

Have a super Duper Week and Week-End . Remember to Smell the Roses , take a few minutes by yourself (hide from the kids), to enjoy your cuppa and shut down and I dare you !! Say no to SUGAR!! Mel


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