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Monday Mayhem! Is it just us Moms?

Is it just because Sundays are “supposed” to be chill out days ? We always late and rushing , making lunches ( making lunches that’s a whole other story!! (and no can’t do that night before-nobody likes soggy bread!) ,searching for those missing shoes, trying to get breakfast down and then just as you about to load the car, oh no wait- I HAVE NO CAR – It caught alight as I drove up Polly Shorts, (now I know how the comrades runners feel , losing gas!)…

So my hubby has to take the kids or my awesome Handyman (more like family -Elias who has been with us for over 30 years), has to drive ,as I cannot drive MANUAL!

I am sure Elias is so tired of my lugging him to Hockey Games ,Grocery Shopping , and School runs….. On top of it , I haven’t been able to get to the Hairdresser to wash the Grey right out of the way, and then too top it all off..a fever blister! Seriously those should not be allowed over the age of 30!! We trying hard enough not too look old and hagged!

What is it with Mondays?

Well besides all of the above -Sunday night on the class group whats app (one of the 43 I belong too for school), it seems there was a “bird feeder project”! I had NO idea about! And the funniest thing, the middle child “Mattie” couldn’t remember that either.(Its his class!).. Isn’t been a mom just the BEST they ask?

Do you have all your ducks in a row?

Today , not so much for me , but it does help that some other moms on the group were lost too… not the post it moms – those Aunties Rock , they have it all figured out! Tupperware labelled , school clothes marked and looking super fly when they drop those kids off! ME .. not so much…

So I have decided to have another Cafe Couch Ladies/Mommies Morning in October -NO KIDS ALLOWED and you don’t even have to pack your own lunch! So if you need a morning to listen to other women moan like you – then this is the Breakfast for YOU!!

Remember to help us ‘ un-organized ” women out there, please add your Events or Charity Days for FREE to Cafe Couch Website ,it also makes it easier to find things to do to entertain our families /Children! SHARE Cafe Couch and get other Women to join the Mailing List /Twitter/Instagram. Send us pics and Helpful Mommy Stuff that we care share!

So I hope that you have a super week – for me I know its hectic with sport , gogo day, cricket lessons , and even though midterm break its still busy – But I do get to throw a surprise Party for my Granny Sunday as she turns 88! WOW she raised 4 kids and keeps going…

chat later and keep strong….

Mel Martin


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