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#LockDown more like KNOCKDOWN!

Well, Well, Well did you Ever!!

So I actually had a message a few days before lockdown from a UK “friend” who has someone working on the inside that said SA would be going into #Lockdown as well and that this was definitely coming , but I really didn’t think much of it! Funny I did mention it on facebook and got blasted saying ‘Don’t spread FAKE News” which I knew wasn’t but there are always those that like to have a go!

I thought I was just been helpful letting close friends know!!

Anyways , we didn’t rush out and stockpile on loo paper or booze, we waited until the announcement, made sure our boys collected all their books from school and waited!

Well 63290844 and 45 days later I can honestly say I was NOT prepared for this!

Yes I was / am at the moment lucky to have food , live on a farm where the boys can run wild and enough wine and whisky for awhile!

WHAT I did not / don’t have is patience , teaching skills and Chloroform!!

My phone and email beeps constantly from the D6 (this is a school app) sending through piles of wonderful History , Maths , Afrikaans (My Ouma is a Rockster!) and more …. I get that this is only to help our kids not fall behind and try salvage the school year 2020!

BUT goed gert … this teaching is something else!

OH just a heads up .. don’t use GOOGLE Translate for Afrikaans… some words in Afrikaans are NOT what they seem in English! Thank goodness I was told cause I would have looked like a right …. when my kids took those Afrikaans Comprehensions back to school!!

It’s awesome too have a kid who is just so amazing . Just gets up , opens the apps , grabs his books and works , works , works! THEN Jesus sent me a very special child. A child who would rather be diving off the roof into the pool , riding a motorbike off the ramps he has made , starting a bonfire in the garden , stalking the wildlife and has NO desire to know that “Ouma is a Rockster”!!

Out doors doing fun stuff is their Happy Place

Have you ever heard so many reasons to leave the “classroom”??

My tummy hurts , my eyes are burning , I need to poo , can you make me a chicken wrap I am starving, I am so so so so thirsty…

What Jesus didn’t give me was patience and the tools to deal with this child , who I really do love so much and only want the best for him … too want to store him in the broom cupboard until our wonderful Schools go back and they can have him and love him and teach him like you do!! Then send him home to me where I can cuddle him , feed him and tell him he is the sweetest and my favourite child!

As I am also class-mom for 2 grades nogal! I have learnt that I am not in this alone!

I have had tearful moms daily , asking what can they do? How can they get their kids to work? We feel like failures! Can you sneak me more wine , I’ve run out!!

Do you have Pineapples so I can make my own wine!

Do you know who sells ciggies on the side??? Mom’s who have taken the day off by placing headphones on with LOUD music to take away any voices that belong to little people in their houses!

Meet Some of the Cool Moms that I can Ugly Cry with Daily!!!

this is ME,Mel in the Staffroom having a Break

“Teacher”Michelle doing Maths! HI this is Adi -Adi wears Earphones so she cant hear voices!

I also unerstand that the environment is different for them then the School Classroom but to try and get them to study and work can be so draining , and really I am not strict until I lose my rag!!! Then I just phone the Principal in the lounge. I just want to get some blady work done so the teachers think I have got this and my kid is awesome !

AND on top of this I have to make meals , wash the washing , clean, vacuum and give my husband loving on occasions!!!! Have you ANY idea how blady exhausted I am!

OK , Yes I Iost the frozen mince and it was found after 4 days packed away in Jack’s room with his baggies!! (delightful smell for days)!

It does not help that I have chipped nails , my hair.. (well really my Instagram videos show you what it looks like!)

My School Dress code is a pink , fluffy gown until about 1pm!! With Winter on its way and you wanting to SPRUCE up your School Attire-

Contact Pippa – 082 645 6147 The Gown comes in shade of White aswell! Washing & Cleaning …

(Mr President , to some of us hairdressers are ESSENTIAL! ) I MISS MY HAIRDRESSER and a massage would be amazing … but due to social distancing this cannot be done and try ask a kid to massage you! Lasts 2 seconds and lord help you if you ask the hubby.. we all know what that leads too!! Like I am not overworked already!!

So after week 4307343 I will keep plodding on being MOM , I will keep trying to teach where I can , I will cook , clean and love my beautiful children and then when they sleeping I will lie in a bath with a glass of wine and ugly cry and feel sorry for myself and pray that Covid_19 packs up and leaves !

I cannot wait too wake up at 5 am and make 3 different school lunches , make sure their bags are backed , drive them to school and sports , pick them up , help with last minute projects and sit happily in those Parent Teacher Meetings!

WHAT DO I MISS DURING #LOCKDOWN2020 – Teachers , I miss you the most!! I miss you more then the Beach and Big5!

PS I love my kids hey!


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