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Level 3 living in SA

Hey there Moms and Parents!

So its #2021 and we are back to Level 3 with strict rules!

I will not lie , this time around I am feeling super anxious and worried.

The cases just keep soaring and the worst is that they feeling way to close to home!

Every-time you open Facebook / Social Media there is another family loss !

I’ve gone back to the stage 5 rules with who goes shopping ( hubby’s taken on this role) , stay at home where you can , wear a mask in public , social distance , sanitise , not having visitors and keeping my kids home and safe!

The thought of this pandemic in my home , preventing our kids from having a normal school year , no sports or HOME SCHOOLING , scares me shitless!

Also receiving all these videos and watching the news where so many people worldwide seem to discard the rules , makes me wonder if our lives will ever get back to normal or will we keep watching those close to us die!!!

When will the vaccine be available and will it be safe?

How are you all really feeling?

Do you even see an end to this as so many disregard the simple rules of wearing a mask in public?

What is true or false? Can you catch it from food (eating out)?

How will we as a country / people survive this financially?

Am I just been paranoid?

With so many articles , news clips , videos I really am feeling lost and scared as a Wife and Mom!

Well as we take each day one day at a time , try exercise , eat healthier , get some sun time ,vitamins are always a good option as well to keep our immune systems strong and healthy , I pray that a vaccine will be available that is safe , affordable and here SOON!!

Remember to Pray and Remember all Our FrontLine Workers

I also realise that this is going to be emotionally and financially difficult for so many , so let us try where we can to support our local businesses. I also hope that we can support local businesses , but they too need to also offer good prices and quality . I look forward to some new businesses joining Cafe Couch where I can showcase and review what you have to offer from Travel , food , services or just lifestyle . #OnwardsAndUp #GrowingYourBusinessWithCafeCouch

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