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Last Stretch Term 4 2018

So the 4th Term has arrived! The last stretch till the Silly Season . Sports Chaos, School Plays ,Final Assembly’s and EXAMS.. Not sure if we do more work for Our Kids ,Schools and Social their Lives .

Well I should be feeling revived and relaxed from my “SURPRISE” Holiday to #Mozambique for my BIrthday and Our 13yr Wedding Anniversary!

Just putting it out there that sometimes my Husband Rocks! Also to the amazing Friends who were in on the whole secret Va-cay! If you are looking for an AMAZING Self-Catering Villa in Mozambique – then check out Aloha16.. WOW (check out my review and awesome pics on Cafe Couch REVIEWS)..

Remember if you know of a stunning Holiday Venue that you have been too and can vouch for , Please let me know as we always like to help other Parents / Peeps find affordable weekends/holidays away. And if you Own a Holiday Venue -Please Check out our Affordable Business Listings-Helps Everyone learn more about your Venue and info all in one Place.

We were also invited to Laddsworth School Function featuring Cat Simoni – Yip I let my hair down ALOT , but what a great Evening. Then Sunday Thanks to BigNiteOutProductions #MartinFamdamily was invited to The GOODLUCK Concert at Makaranga Lodge. Beautiful Venue and the Music was AMAZING – Thanks Guys , my kids are now Rock Concert Groupies!

I think my Silly Season has started already .. looking at my calender , besides the kids lives , got Night Bowls , VIP CineCentre Invites, School Reunions and Xmas Parties! Who said Over 40’s can’t Party Like Rock Stars? It just takes us few weeks to recover and a couple essentials!

As we creep closer to Christmas , remember Your Book Club ,Office Party ,Friends and Family Christmas Functions – You can list your EVENTS for FREE anytime with CafeCouch. As a Christmas Function Idea , look at Wicked Karting for some competitive fun.

Remember Okes , Insingizi ,Gwahumbe , Jayz Grill , Mendola and Eat At Andrews are offering Christmas Menus- so Please contact them. I have decided for the 1st time Eva!! That I will be booking a, kid friendly Venue for our Family Christmas Lunch this Year.. I DO NOT want to cook at ALL!!

Another gift that we need to remember is “Teachers Gifts” and let me tell you , this is an important gift. You don’t have to take out a loan , but remember these are the amazing peeps that have our kids EVERYDAY , Teach them , love them and discipline them for us.. A thoughtful gift goes along way and makes them realize that we as Parents do Care and are SO SO Grateful – Or at least I am ,,, I got super lucky this Year with 3 Awesome Teachers and Aftercare Ladies! Touchwood Interiors in PMB offers vouchers and beautiful niks and naks. Also Check Out On Time Embroidery – Beautiful Embroidered Apron or Hand towel -(something special)…

Getting closer to Christmas is also a great time to GIVEBACK – Godswarehouse is amazing. They have an Fantastic Christmas WishList that you can donate to. You list your name and Debbie will send you a Child’s Age and Item that they wish they could have for Christmas . Alot of our kids are so spoilt , maybe even get them involved in this Charity. So enough of me rambling and to the “dictionary police” out there.. yes I make spelling and grammar mistakes, but that’s just me.. my head thinks and my hands type and blah blah blah!! Love you Brent Martin

Have a super week and lets hope SUMMER decides to make a Serious Appearance cause I am wearing my Onsie Out! Mel


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