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Its Ok to Say NO …..

It Really is ok to say No,next time ,sorry Can’t make it . No I Don’t agree etc etc ….

Good Morning KZN on this Super Awesome Sunny Day .. I LOVE Summer , and don’t ask me why , but always feel more productive and in a better mood when the Day is happy and Shiny! With Each year becoming busier and busier , especially with 3 kids and my Businesses ,I find there is just too much on the go , too many parties , too many Events ,too many functions ,sports and stuff!! I used to feel bad if I could’nt go and often I just said YES, and then go, not wanting to be there.

BUT the older and wiser I have become ( or so I think!!) ..I just say NO.. and you know what…Its ok!! Your Friends will understand , if they mates.. Time is so precious and we need to be spending that time enjoying what WE Want, and with WHO we want to be! We need to take Time out for Ourselves and Chill , before we collapse – We are no good to anyone , if we exhausted mentally and physically! Time with my Kids is SUPER IMPORTANT to me and sorry to say -They are my priority and they come first with my Hubby… and I love those llloonnngg cricket games sitting watching .. get to watch my kids and also time to slow down and relax! ( if you are a competitive Parent , could be more stressful!!)

This Year I will say I have reached a fantastic Place in my Life mentally .. realized what I want , who I want to be around , whats important to me and whats not!! I have met some amazing People , and also realized I need to walk away from some people .I have realized I have to let go a lot ..I learnt about Loyalty and who I am! We are all the SAME no matter What! People need to stop looking down and judging others ,people need to take a step back and look at themselves and their Lives. Who cares if you richer , brighter ….Being Unkind does’nt help and only makes you look like a BULLY ,and portrays who they really are! Do we really want to surround ourselves with this.. Not a Sausage!! Funny Hubby and I have realized Loyalty somehow has gone astray in so many areas.. But its what you decide to do that changes your attitude and beliefs!

CHANGE isn’t always Easy but can also be good in so many ways , you just have to take the Step of the unknown .. – One Day at a Time.(something I was taught long ago!)

I am blessed to be running my Bridal Shop LES BELLE FEMMES which I love and CAFE COUCH is growing from Strength to Strength and again .. love it and will be doing a lot more with my Events and Helping Small Businesses Grow!

So take a deep look around .. full your space and time with people who have your back and you theirs no matter what!! Be Kind and Be Honest -ITS FREE and so Appreciated!

I am also looking forward to the Cafe Couch Ladies Breakfast on the 27 Oct , so many awesome Ladies with so much to offer , so many sponsored prizes , Raffle where the funds will go to the amazing GodsWareHouse , and an amazing Lady to chat to us about Living Our Lives!

Well I hope that this Term ( too the parents out there!) , doesn’t kill us! Plays , Sports , Exams …the list continues .. Stop rushing and breathe a little more , walk and don’t run ,and sip that Wine.. wine wine and more wine for some – Think I will stick with Tea …Otherwise I might not get to the End of the Week!!

Thats me -Mrs October Toned and all in who Knows Whose Bod! But Love it –

Thats me just BUNKING Monday to Catch up with my Golden Oldies who help ground me!!

and this above is my EVERYTHING!!

Chat Soon Mel


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