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It’s School Holidays Again … #HolidayCare #Christmas

School Holidays again

Well they come so quickly , and I know it isn’t always easy for some Parents who still have to work , can’t get time off , and we can’t always afford a holiday , (as we SAVE for Christmas (don’t even want to think of how many sleeps that is!),and School Uniforms next Year!) I think we put too much pressure on ourselves! My parents could’nt afford the weekends away , and holidays were for playing with the kids on the other side of the fence , building forts, dress-up ,hide and seek and just blady well keeping ourselves Entertained!

It wasn’t their responsibility – Just go play!! And we did…and we were happy… FOOD- Again it was eat what was in the fridge – make a sarmie and grab an apple! Water or Mix Juice.. we didn’t have a selection of cereals and cheeses and muffins…we were definately not Served either!!

Below is a link though for amazing Moms out there offering Holiday Care and Activities for our Kids, so take a look and remember if you are offering something or have an EVENT – its always a FREE listing.

Also remember we need some BIG PEOPLE time! Otherwise we could possibly go insane alot sooner .. There are some awesome Events to check out ! Darren Maule has GREAT Events coming up , so book as these normally full super fast!

I am already 1 week into our Holidays and was lucky enough to win a weekend away at Sierra Ranch – so super stoked, and all those activities gonna help keep my 3 munchkins entertained , and I might even get to read a few lines of a new book! Please remember to TRAVEL SAFE , Buckle up , pack padkos , wetwipes and the kitchen sink if you heading out the driveway – cause its a looonngg drive , even to the mall! You welcome to send me some Holiday Pics – even those from home in the mud (the bestest kind)!

Safe Travels and see you in the 4th Term!

HAVE you booked for our Cafe Couch Ladies Lunch?

Happy Holidays Mel


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