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It’s Exams Again…. and 2 months till Christmas!

So I am sitting at my desk eventually after watching my catch-up of Real Housewives of New York and Love Island -Shyte my life is boring compared to these Aunties! Never mind the amazing Destinations they visit , Food they eat …How’s the Outfits!!!

Anyway I am looking at the Kid’s Exam Schedules and chatting to a “separate” WhatsApp group on my phone . Not my class Group! A group called “A Little bit of Help Moms! It is for the moms that don’t have their Tupperware labelled or matching socks , for the moms that kids just “cannot” remember MOM, but I didn’t get the worksheet MOM! Hey and its ok not too have all your shyte together.. and ok to ask for help!

I honestly CANNOT believe its Fourth Term and Exams Again .I feel like I have just learnt the Solar System and Substance Abuse… I don’t remember at Junior School doing so much .. I am sure I played more , wrote news abit , some phonics , addition and subtraction and hop scotch! Well if you are like me and need a little help with the kids in that department -Please contact TUTOR Pmb – Lauren is amazing and their to help your kids where they lagging behind or just need to understand more!

I have mentioned before – I use Vodacom E Study (IT’S FREE) and relates too all the Syllabus the kids are learning at the moment!! Remember if you are looking for a School for the New Year (Pre-School) – Montessori Nest in Hilton is Awesome , give them a call!

October has been SUPER Busy for Me and Café Couch . I attended an 18th , had a Birthday and Anniversary , Comedy Evening with Darren Maule and Friends , The Diabetes Ball (which rocked) , Cake Sales , awesome Brand Meetings , Talks at the School , Art Expo and my kids Sports .

If you have a Charity Event , Function or Holiday Care that you would love to Advertise , remember this is FREE on Cafe Couch , just add and I will share the Love.

Cafe Couch has also had some awesome New Businesses / Products come on board and renewals – So the Business section is growing nicely and I hope that it will make life Easier when booking a Holiday , Looking for a Beautician or Venue for your Next Party!

Our Rates are so super reasonable – Where do you get a listing for R600.00 for 6 months and the client actually links your business to potential clients! Being on a directory is easy but referring and world of mouth is the Answer -Check out Our rates!

When it comes to World of Mouth , Social Media and getting your Business Out there – We love to Help! Whether its a collab or Give-Away , give me call or email me and I am happy to let you know what I can offer

Today it’s gonna be short and sweet cause I am off to take photo’s at my JoeJoe’s Cricket Match at 12 and that is super important in my life!!!

Chat Later

Follow me if I am your Cup of Tea on Insta and I love the interactions and pics from you on Social Media

Over and Out


PS if you wanting Fly Eyelashes like us ladies at the Diabetes ball -Click the link and order or contact me!! Magnetic Eyelashes /No Glue!!!

And you get a 10&% Discount using the CAFECOUCH Code on Check Out – They have amazing Products at Ever Beauty SA


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