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I think my patience has run away!

I really don’t know what it is lately! Maybe its me getting older and pieces of the organ that stores the Patience is slowly depleting! Everything and Everyone Irritates me to death! It could also be that I have been off Sugary Delights for over 2 weeks and maybe its withdrawal symptoms , but my fuse is short … My poor kids , I really need to learn to keep calm because they little and have NO idea what been an Adult en tales and our stress of daily life and all the naartjies we have to deal with.

DRIVERS – Half the drivers on the road think they the only ones , drive at 10km an hour in a 100 zone , take a circle and use all the blady lanes, (no worries about the okes behind you!).

STOPPING – Well you can stop anywhere you blady like – My days, you stopped at Bus Stop to pick up passengers , stop streets and robots. Now you can stop in the middle of the road..anything goes!

Queues are hard for me too , just because you in a queue does not mean you guaranteed that place, pushing in is common.If you have to pay , please just make sure you have your cards , your coins ,your money ready.To start scratching for it when you already there , holds up the queue and I feel the smoke escaping from my ears and nose while I try to stand patiently!!. Personal Space is also quite important in queues , like travelling behind a vehicle , give the person in front of you some breathing room , standing on the back of their heels or breathing down the neck is a sign you might be to close, unless you there Husband or Wife!

People Eating – chew with your mouths closed and quietly if possible…..and only tell me your problems / stories when the food has been swallowed! I sound like a crazy old bat but I feel like lately the universe is just out there to Annoy me! My husband (the love of my life mostly) , but I think he does this on purpose ,”Love we going , hurry get ready .So I do and then he proceeds to backwash the pool , write an email or go to the loo! When we going , can we just go please!! Family and people are also killing me slowly , If you gonna do something , do it properly.If you don’t want to help ,then don’t ,but say something! Ignoring the problem is not gonna make it disappear. Ignorance is bliss they say!! Turning a blind eye does not make the situation change or go away, just leaves the worry up to others that also have the World and a Life on their Shoulders! Take Responsibility when its Yours! SELFISH , think that’s the word , a lot of people are selfish and all about themselves! Well I just needed to Vent and I am sure there are a lot more of me out there , feeling the same. So I am gonna take cal-c-vita , breathe in and out before I fetch my beautiful children from school , I am gonna hum quietly as I shop and stand in queues and then proceed to have all the patience in the world while I do my kids homework and test revisions . I hope you all have a Stress Free Day.. Watch out for me I drive a White BM!! Mel


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