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I really am trying hard ..

I really am trying hard ..

Yes I am that MOM , or have been. I make pretty lunches and overpack , I pack school bags ,sports bags and lay out uniforms , I travel back and forth to school 43 times a day, to drop of items that have been left , I bring the sunscreen for the Team , a coolerbox for sports that could feed an army , and I worry 24/7!! I run halfway and sometimes even before the sports game finishes to check they got drinks or snacks and the sunscreen has’nt rubbed off!

So let me tell you how hard this year has been for me – We started a new School! There is NO walking your kids from GR1-7 to class ( and when I look at the distance I think its MILES away and their bags are so heavy and what about when they have sports bags, and their lunch cooolers), Even my GR R tells me “Mom we have to carry our own BAGS!! No driving back and forth to bring items that were left , no interference during Sports Games till the End ! Sorry for You Mom!! It’s drop and go mom , and let these little men fend and learn for themselves!! 2 classes have just gotten Whatsapp Group , 1 only today, so I am relieved as I feel I have some communication but 1 is still alone.. no inside info to help me!!

Today Jack left on a School trip , normally I am there bright and early to take 700 pics as they climb on the bus .. probably wanting to follow the bus , making sure my precious is safe! When on the weekend I was chatting to another bunch of crazy, awesome moms I know , stressing about my child on a school trip and travelling on these roads .My bestest and Oldest Friend from Class 1 -Wendy , said she used to just get on the bus to chat to the driver , checking if she might catch a whiff of alcohol , lucky her son was never dragged off the School Bus!

I won’t lie , the GR7 alarm (D6) as some of you might be linked too, beeped saying they had arrived safely , I had already calcuated the time the GR6’s (my sons grade) would arrive in Escourt if they left at 09h30, as was said in the letter…, and NO BEEP , my nerves were abit in a tizz, so when it did beep ,and then my hubbys phoned beeped , he was in stitches knowing that was all I was waiting for and that I could breathe again!!

BUT this Year and this School have taught me , or rather MADE me loosen the strings . I make them pack School Clothes and Sports Gear, Jack had to sort his bag out and learn to roll is own sleeping Bag! I drop and go and don’t hang around like a ” car park assassin ” , I think that’s what I heard we were known as ,by the Principal!

How will our Children ever Learn to be independent if we do EVERYTHING for them! The Big Wide World won’t baby them so why are we? We love Our Children more then anything in the whole World! We want to protect them from Bullies and Heartache, but we have to also let them learn to be Strong and do it on their OWN! Its hard in today’s world when you read daily about missing Children and bullied kids! So too all your AMAZING Helicopter Parents out there, I wish you luck , cause its not easy! And I also know that while we slowly let go , we will always have a little helicopter in us!


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