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I'm back with a New Website !

Morning Beautiful people!

I am so so excited to be working with the crew of Infin-Products who have helped me understand websites and how they should work for YOU and YOUR Business!

I really have learnt a lot and believe me , I still have so much more to learn when it comes to Blogging , analytics and Content Creation.

I love that they email or message just to check I am happy and is their anything they can help with and I need help all the time!

My New WEBSITE (Cafe Couch ) is up and we are still ironing out errors and changing things , so I am also keen for you to send me some feedback or if you have any queries or battling to log on or join.

If you are looking for a WEBSITE that will work for you ,and a team that can advise you and help you then I so recommend the Guys at INFIN-PRODUCTS !

I have also been super blessed to be able to work with some awesome Brands and Businesses.

The latest Brand has been Vital Health Foods SA and here I roped in the kids and we made some amazing Healthy Recipes - Here is the Muesli Health Bread Recipe .

I never realized how many different healthy recipes you could use with their Muesli Range!

I even made crunchies , and I promise you I am the Mom Baker who uses the READY made mixes but the Vital Health Foods Recipes are super easy.

I am definitely looking forward to making a chicken dish and stir-fry with their Soy Sauce and will post that sometime.

While we on the recipe side of things - I am super lucky to be the Brand Ambassador for Hudson GIN.

NO I am not a celebrity , Movie Star or famous sports player BUT I am a Mom who drinks GIN and believe me, a lot of my MOMMY Friends love a good GIN too!

Maybe let's call me a #MOMAMBASSADOR!

Cause believe it or not we are the ones doing all the buying , cooking , testing out there... yes and Dad's too! So I can highly recommend the HUDSON CRAFT GIN made by a lovely Local Family in Pietermaritzburg!

I even used the GIN to make some Gin Lollie's -I searched HIGH and LOW for those Ice-Cream mould's and found them at Crazy Store in Hilton Quarry Centre .

You will NEED :-

  • 100g caster sugar

  • 50ml of Cold water

  • 80ml gin

  • Juice of 1 lime

  • 225ml tonic water

Add raspberries or cucumbers (Anything you like actually to the ice-lollies!

  1. Put the sugar with 50ml cold water in small saucepan and cook over a low/medium heat (don’t let it boil) until the sugar has dissolved. Set aside to cool completely.

  2. When cool, put the sugar syrup in a medium pouring jug with the gin, lime juice and tonic water, then mix. Put a cucumber slice and a raspberry into each of the lollie mould's, then pour the mixture evenly into the mould's. Add the lollie sticks and put in the freezer. Freeze until solid (ideally overnight)

I might also need to drink a couple of bottles of GIN to get through EXAMS! Yes it is that time of the year for my Boy's to write mid term exams and let's say it is super testing!

Not all kid's are wired the same or can study or be the perfect Academic , some need a lot more help and this does not mean they are stupid , just that they battle to concentrate or study!

One child can be left to learn and have no problems and then the other just needs to be asked questions , read to , to understand the work!

( A Blog I did about a year or 2 back about my child who battles with concentration).

He definitely has improved but we are having another assessment next week to check that all is in order or if he needs a higher dose so it lasts him the day because he mentioned that the last 2 lessons, he becomes tired and cannot concentrate!

Well I hope that you love my website and share it with your friends and get them to SUBSCRIBE , pass on the blogs or find that perfect BEST BUY from the Products I review and purchase!

When you visit my new website you can check out the New Package Prices we are offering that can help advertise your Business or product .

Besides the basic listing on the Business website with all your contact details and social media links , I offer Instagram / CafeCouch Facebook posts.

Word of mouth is super important when it comes to your Business or Product so I also like to get to know my client and what they offer , as I get a lot of enquiries from clients asking how my experience was using a certain product or when I went there on holiday , what did I think !

Remember after Exams come the June / July School Holidays and with no overseas trips , the place to explore is our beautiful South Africa and too support our local Venue's.

We love Bush Adventure , especially during the Winter months , so send me your FAV South African Holiday Destinations and activities!!

Our Last Adventure was a stunning time exploring Hluhluwe / iMfolozi and teaching our kids about the wildlife and WHY #conservation is so important!

AND with LockDown Level 4 , if you can please support our local restaurants and takeaways they need you now more then ever!

I look forward to meeting more amazing Mom's , local businesses , connecting with Brands and reviewing great venues and products!


(thats my Instagram handle) .....

PS... My Best Buy this month was definitely Earrings and a stunning bag for the OUTRAGEOULSY KELLY RANGE!


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