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I’m also just a Mom plodding along…

I’m also just a Mom plodding along… Well another week . Café Couch is not only just a Business but my Passion .I get to meet incredible People , visit amazing places and business , try out new Products and socialize with Moms and others who also have good days and bad! So my newsletters are not just Business Related – its my outlet too!

So a mom stopped me yesterday to ask ” Mel how do you do it all and always keep smiling and never look angry or out of control? WOW , firstly what an awesome compliment and secondly , believe me , I don’t have all my shyte together! Ask my poor kids who have seen my “crazy mom” person! I am super blessed to be able to work from home running my Bridal Shop and Café Couch , and that’s because I have an incredible husband. Life as a kid and before Brent wasn’t easy at all. I never in my wildest dreams knew I would marry a man who would stand up for me always ,tell me when he thinks I am wrong (which is never really!!) , let me do my thing , and understand that the most important job in my life is being his wife and their Mom! He gives me that freedom to be me!! If you know me , you know that my kids come first , every thing I do ,think , I want it to be as a family. I eat , sleep , dream family!

I was blessed with an incredible , strong mother ,whom when I look back have no idea how she kept going , fed us , schooled us and taught us right from wrong.. I don’t want the childhood I had for my kids, but I do want to be the mother my mom was too me!

BUT believe me , there are days I fall apart , cry and have even experienced the “panic attack” , which is the worst feeling in the World! I honestly thought I was going crazy and had no idea what was happening! When I did speak about it and saw the Doc , I realized that it happens to so many people daily… Our lives are busy and stressful and our brains and thoughts race away with us far to often! Get rid of the negative crap guys.. nobody needs drama! I promise it makes the world of difference!)

So I am human after all , not Super Wonder Women (don’t tell my kids that , they think I am WONDER MOM!) . I try to be positive about life , think about others , don’t judge to quickly as we not walking in their shoes or living in their homes . I have days when I am angry or upset , but I hate putting my negativity or grumpiness on others! So I smile and listen and leave my moaning for my poor hubby!! But I also don’t fake .You know if I have a problem with you , you know if I am wanting to kill my husband.Bottling up everything will make you EXPLODE .We should all have people in our lives that we can tell things too, that just listen. Tell Your Friends the truth , give honest opinions. We don’t have to like it or take it. We just need to know someone cares and that we all go through ups and downs!

Why did I start Café Couch and Blogging when I already had a Bridal Business , kids that keep me busy 24/7 ? I want to help Women In Business , Businesses , Moms Grow their Businesses or Passions and blog about Real Life! A friend helped me start Café Couch , and I will always be grateful =@lunchboxLifeSavers -You ROCK! You might be stuck in a job you hate but on the side have a dream … Café Couch offers affordable business listings and Sharing your Dream /Business on Social Media and in Reviews! Visit the page or email me if you think Café Couch can help You! Café Couch also has Awesome #BeautyBloggers , #Health , #MommyStuff. Look out for my Fun Activities and Events. Watch Videos and Posts of my #BucketLists and #Mommy Mornings Out and About . Take a chance on Your Dream or Passion! Mel


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