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I am So Blady FIT in my Head!

When its all in your Head to get Fit & Healthy…

. So I am turning 44 this Year! I have 3 very busy boys and a “follow thru ,almost Perfect ” Husband (in his eyes and HEAD *wink *wink) If I tell you that I am feeling my age .. its REAL.. I see the wrinkles and slowly drooping of the Giles – I have decided not to Botox cause firstly -I am petrified of Needles, secondly I have seen “BOTCHED” . My luck one eye might never close again and the left side of my face droops and lord knows where my eyebrows might end up! Otherwise I would do it! BUT I don’t judge , cause that 50 year old Hot Neighbour planting her roses next door , the one your hubby has a peek at sometimes , is prob 85 years old and looking HOT! I feel if you brave enough and wanna feel awesome , then why not! Just don’t get addicted and end up looking like Michael Jackson’s long last sister! Like most of you know, I am totally addicted to Real Housewives and LOVING those 60 year old Aunties with Perfect completions and not a frown in sight.

BUT my worst is EXERCISE!!

At school I was a champ runner.. now I am breathless walking from the bedroom to the kitchen.I have these HUGE ideas in my head about …tomorrow…Tomorrow gonna give up Sugar , tomorrow I am gonna start exercising! Its always Tomorrow!

I wake up at 5 am to make “Fresh” school lunches (Still cannot bring myself to make the night before-poofie)! .Get the Kids Breakie sorted , bags , sports items and out the door on time for my ontime , Healthier then I , Hubby to take the kids to School! I then climb back into bed , and it’s here I imagine myself doing sit ups , Yoga , toning the tummy and watching the arse lift back into the fantastic firm Bum I used to have! I even count in my head how many I do!!!! I seriously do this in my head and it feels real! And while I am doing this I am watching ” Call the Midwife or NYPD Blue! So I can multi-Task.

I have absolutely NO Drive at all to exercise. People say “but you so thin and fine , I hate been thin , I want some shape and fat actually , BUT most of all I want to feel Fit and Healthy! I feel tired and lethargic. I HATE the Gyms , and driving somewhere to exercise – I need some-one to come to my house , and push me to exercise , I know you out there!! I see so many Women with Rock hard Bods – the other day this fantastic Super Mom , whom I know ,walked passed in her Lycra pants , I could bounce a melon off her butt! I need that butt! The other 2 moms with me , were also sitting with mouths open and imagining themselves in those Lycra pants too! -There really are a lot of us out there doing Exercise mentally! My Hubby says “But you gorgeous and I love you just like you are… crap I know he still trying to imagine the Firm tummy , hot butt chick he picked up before the kids and Life, and I want to feel good too.

I want to run, trail runs with my boys, but get left walking breathless! Another BIG Help would be some MEAL Ideas Ladies – Like maybe 5 meals for the week , NO SUGAR (Healthy) , and ingredients that we can get in this country and pref Woolies or Pick N Pay! Not fancy crap where you need to travel to some remote island for the ingredients!

So you amazing ,Super Fit , Health Guru’s out there – Help a sister in need! We really all do want to be Healthy for ourselves and kids! Send some Meal Ideas or Exercise tips to get us motivated and I will SHARE

I hope you all have a super duper Week , too you fit and fabulous Ladies -Keep it Up and to us “desperate wanna be Adrenalin junkies … we need to do something!



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