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How to get your Healthy eating on track!

Well every year in Our house we say the same thing on the 31 Dec ……from next year we are going to eat healthier!

When I say eat healthier, I mean good meals for breakfast , school lunches and dinners , but don’t ever think that I’m going to totally give-up Eskimo Pies!

That will never happen!

I am not that mom who will not let the kids have a treat once in awhile!

I am not that mom who can afford to follow a strict Healthy meal plan where you are buying seeds that cost more then school shoes!

I want a shove in the right direction , giving me ideas on what foods to use , what not and how to plan healthy meal options!


I visited the website , viewed the recipes.

I will not lie , we are not big into things like lentils, kale, chickpeas and some products I have never heard of , and again I am not buying items that cost the price of garlic at the moment!

We are a BIG family and out of the 5 – 4 are BOYS!!! ( meaning they don’t stop eating) , they are like locusts!

So I went through the recipes , printed the ones I loved , left out some ingredients that we don’t enjoy .

Thrive also gives you a selections of good foods that you can eat and this is where I used Recipes we love but healthier ingredients suggested by Thrive.

My hubby is doing NO CARBS , but the rest of us love potato’s so when making a meal , hubby supplements with a devine salad.

(Their Orange & Rocket is a winner already in our house!)

He did try the sweet potato mash suggested and it was a HIT!!

Not only do you get the recipes , but everyday you are sent an email helping you along the way.

The emails are filled with motivation , meditation audio’s , yoga videos, anti-inflammatory food lists , about detoxing your body and guiding you with your Healthy eating journey!

Thrive have other Programs available to suit your lifestyle or what you are looking for when planning your healthier eating journey – Pregnancy Nutrition & Immunity Support.

Thrive also have 3 amazing Ladies connected to this Program who you will meet along the way.

(Registered Dietitian)

( Program Director)

(Registered Dietitian)

We have now completed the 10 day reset program as a family and I am so impressed how my kids have embraced this!

Mattie is constantly making his own healthy smoothies ( Matt is my ADHD child who so needs a healthier eating Lifestyle)- sugar is such a trigger!!

I cannot believe that Matt has fallen in love with Almond Breeze Milk – he is my fussy child!

Jack and Joe are asking to help me make the meals , which besides been fun, it is teaching them too cook!! ( They will make amazing Husbands one day!!).

I won’t lie if I didn’t join the Program I would probably still be eating badly , grabbing that Take-Away Dinner way to often!

I still have a few days to go until I lose that total sugar crazing ( headaches are hectic) but I know this will pass!

So yes you might still see me eating an Eskimo Pie or having a glass of wine but I have realized that my family needs 3 healthy meals a day for a good immune system and healthy lifestyle!

You can find more information on the Thrive Wellness Program Website and I have linked each ladies Instagram handle to their names!

You are welcome to message me about my journey and let me know if you join and what you think!

PS … we can’t give up red meat , we are a BIG Braai Family!!

Mel Martin

Find me on Instagram :- MullingItOverWithMel


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