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How Safe Are we in South Africa? Do You worry about your Parents or Kids Constantly ? #livingInFear

How Safe Are we in South Africa?

How Safe do you feel as a Parent?

Is living in Fear , living at All ?

Last night after reading the papers , social media and Facebook , I went to bed with a heavy heart. The most important thing in Our lives, is Our 3 Children , the thought of them been butchered and beaten terrifies me .

The thought of some-one harming my husband and myself, leaving my children scarred for life and parent less is horrifying!

We lie in our Alarm, fenced , dogs everywhere home , and yet I feel unsafe. The thought of people arriving and taking our Home , which we love and is fulled with all our memories of love and laughter!

The People and staff who have lived with us for over 30 years , where do they go with their families if we immigrate and how do they feed their children?

The thought of going to dinner or even a night away with my husband is sickening, things as a married couple we should be doing! Yet we prefer to stay in our 4 walls protecting our most valuable gift , our Children. Children taken from their Parents in the open, never to be seen again or found murdered – How do we as parents keep living and keep strong? What do we do and where do we go to feel safe, to know our Children are safe? To sleep armed at night just incase? Is this really the way we should be living!

I wish I could say that we are a Rainbow Nation, I wish I could say things are getting better – but its a lie.

How do we afford to sell up and immigrate to safer pastures? Not everyone has the means , and so many of us have parents and family here in South Africa.Do we leave them in this country , only to worry every second if they safe? There are so many amazing People trying so hard to make things better , for all of us to live in Peace and move on, yes many will never forget and I understand this , but we need to move forward , forgive and build the Country so that we can all live healthy , violence free lives. This hatred and violence is just destroying lives and a Country that could be Great! Where to from here South Africa and South Africans?


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