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Home-Schooling/Cottage Schooling

Morning Parents

So I was asked by a Mom about Home-Schooling. Remember this was an enquiry by a mother for options and how Parents that Home-Schooled or Cottage Schooling felt and Places that could be recommended! This was never about if it was good or bad , pro’s and con’s .

So thank you too the ladies that wrote in with there Suggestions and Success Stories!

I hope this helps , even if it just gets you in touch with the People that can assist and answer your Questions.

My Café Couch facebook Post


Hey Mel

I saw your post regarding home-schooling. I did a trial week At My Pace home school in Pietermaritzburg .What a difference!!!!!!!!! Joshua is now permanently at My Pace and he absolutely loves it…. he’s working fantastically in class, he’s super keen to learn new things and is so excited to tell us what he learnt when we fetch him. He’s such a happy child now, Claire herself said this is a different child.

Some kids are just different and home-schooling has by far been the best decision we ever made for Joshua.

Many Thanks

Cindy McCleary


HOME SCHOOLING Home schooling/education refers to a child/children learning in their own home. Learning is directed by parents, themselves (the child), on-line and perhaps a tutor that will come to their home for certain subjects or they go to a tutor or centres for a minimal amount of teaching. In what is generally known as mainstream schools, government or private education, they offer opportunities for children to learn new information and skills as well as their own qualities and interests. Home schooling, unschooling, cottage schooling. de-schooling is no different in offering opportunities for learning. All models of learning have pros and cons. And numerous Facebook pages with information of different ideas and curriculum providers.

COTTAGE SCHOOLING Currently (2015) there is no provision in the law for cottage schools. There are however numerous Cottage schools throughout the country. They are known as learning centres, tutor centres. Different terminology is a way of trying to stay under of the radar of the department of education. Some are registered with the department of education (these only offer the CAPS curriculum). Cottages schools offer alternative education curriculums, on-line curriculums or no curriculums at all

There is a Facebook page known as SA Cottage Schools and Tutors. PIETERMARITZBURG/HILTON that I know of Studdi Buddi Hands On Modern Minds My Pace Cappulum College Lighthouse My Tutor


Morning Mel

Saw your FB post. My daughter completed Grade 11 and 12 (matric) through Brainline (online homeschooling program). We were very happy. The only drawback was that there were no exam centers in PMB: we had to travel to Gateway for her final exams as they were situated opposite the mall.

Before joining Brainline, we investigated “My Tutor and Teaching Services” in New England Road, Scottsville. I was very impressed with them.

Kind regards Erika Rosslind


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