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Hello There - It has been awhile!

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

So besides more lockdowns and Covid , my site provider disappeared and I had to sort my website and start learning to do stuff myself , which hasn't been a bad thing!

So let me re-introduce myself - Melanie Martin , wife to the Hunky Brent Martin and mother to Jack (15) , Matthew (14) and Joe (10)

What do I do ?
I run my website and influencing on social Media - Instagram Handle is Mulling_It_over_with_mel .
I am a mom to 3 super busy boys ( 2 being teens and testing my patience with their ever increasing hormonal moods!) - I might also be experiencing Menopause so the combination of this in the household can sometimes be abit of a shit show!
If you already follow me then you know that I am super honest , don't have all my shit together , am missing alot of socks but have the best Tupperware in TOWN with all the lids!
PS - Tracy is my TUPPERWARE Guru and has the best prices in the country!!

So since I haven't written to you oke's in awhile I thought I would just add some of the awesome adventures and products I have been introduced to lately and give you some great codes for discounts!

A beautiful family owned lodge where you can relax , go game viewing or enjoy the SPA (see some amazing Pictures of our time there) Book for a family / bridal party /wedding or get a romantic getaway. #KZNMomsNightAway

Brahman Hills Overnight with some other amazing KZN Influencers ,they have fantastic Accommodation , a stunning Restaurant SKYFALL and a Spa to die for -HealingEarthAfrica!_


I have also got on board with a super amazing Company called FIT-In Nutrition ! As you know I am on a Healthier Living Journey ( as best I can) , to eat better and help me gain weight and make sure my boys leave for school with a healthy breakfast and nutritional shake! FIT-In Nutrition offer all the above , so visit their website for Advice on How you can start living a healthier life , whether to GAIN or Lose Weight or just to be healthier! I have a code for a discount when purchasing from the website MEL2022 .
With this Journey I have also joined the KELFIT Lifestyle Group -Kelly Stegen is a GURU when it comes to eating correctly and helping and advising on Healthier options.

I am also now a BRANDAMBASSADOR for the most amazing Crafting Machine out there!
Have you heard of the CRICUT?
If not, here is a link and if you love crafting , making things or wanting to start a small home business , then this is the machine that will get you there!!
Martin and Jowlina are amazing to advise you- Here is a South African Page aswell where you can learn more and meet other Cricut Owners!

I would also like to introduce you to some other amazing BRANDS and Businesses I have been working with and still am - You can find some super SPECIALS and more information on my facebook (CafeCouch) and Instagram page!

Cordwalles Beauty Code MELCRD06 - not valid on SPECIALS !


EverBeautySA -Use my Code CAFECOUCH for a 15% discount

Hudson Craft GIN -Contact me if needing a case or 2 for a better price

7 Sisters -Beautiful Locally Made Sandals & Shoes - Available online or at my FAV Store in PMB - Touchwood Interiors

SO I am going to love and leave you now but promise to try be more productive when it comes to my Newsletters /Blogs.
I am off to chat to a NEW amazing Client GILLYHOE - if you haven't seen her page and what she designs , then quickly click on the link and FOLLOW her on Instagram -GILLYHOE
I mean how beautiful are these - VIDEO / VIDEO2

Have a lovely week and remember you can message me anytime regarding products I review or places I visit if you would like more info ( email or DM me on Instagram!

Have a super duper day



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