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Hello Spring!

Have you booked and paid for your Cafe Couch Ladies Breakfast 27 Oct 2017 @ Mendola Hilton ?

SPRING HAS SPRUNG – Whoop Whoop!! I am so not a winter person and so happy the weather is shiny and happy! Hubby on the other hand , hates Summer HEAT! Says his mood goes from 0 – 100 when its too hot and the Mozzies and there 43 million Families arrive at out Place !! Me… I cannot wait for Pool Parties and the Beach!

Time to also spoil ourselves at the Salons , get our Pedi’s and Nails looking fun and funky! So visit the New LAVISH Nail Salon – Paulesa is a Gem! Maybe even a SPA Day – Check out INSINGIZI , they offer stunning Packages.

Spoil ourselves with Swimwear Ranges out there – Check out this page , Stunning Ladies Elite Swimwear for Petite to Fuller Figure!

I was also invited to 2 Fantastic Events this last week – DarrenMaule Brreakfast/Brunch for Small Businesses! If you have’t been, its a must. You get to meet Great People , in a stunning Venue and the FOOD from Suncoast Tsogo Sun is DELISH! Also hope that you have booked for the Cafe Couch Ladies Breakie – Fun morning with Great Speaker and Lotsa Prizes!

I also got to spend the Day with the Amazing Debbie of Godswarehouse , Debbie helps abused Moms and their Children try get their lives back , finding them jobs ,housing and food! It isn’t easy , especially with the economy at the moment, but I ask you to please , even if its a can of food to help support this amazing Charity! Drop off points (contact Debbie) .Godswarehouse tries to provide these families with a monthly CARE PACKAGE which cost about R1600 per family! Believe me your tin or small donation helps!

I then got to live my OLD ‘Barn Days” at the Cordwalles School PA Function ,with no other then the FAMOUS “Blarney Brothers”. Loved that I remembered all the songs and moves , and they are just as amazing as they were 20 years ago! If you are wanting a Great Evening – then book the Blarneys – you wont be dissapointed!

Well its already a week into September and hope for lots more happy , sunny days. Live, Love and Laugh and book your Cafe Couch Ladies Breakfast tickets and until we meet again



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