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Happiness, Isn’t that what we Want ?

I was

saying the other day that life today is too hectic! So many Do’s and Don’ts , and we have to watch every action and word that comes out of our mouths in case we offend or cause a Social Media War!! Well think about the days when we were Young – Sunday lunches at Grans, with a game of Backyard cricket after , Roller-skating up and down the streets until the night lights came on , walking miles to and from school!! Our kids can’t do this. Don’t even think my kids are street smart to cross the school parking lot ,never mind the real roads! And we cant let them walk anywhere alone without the worry they will go missing! We popped into visit people- “unannounced nogal!” We ran barefoot at school events.

BUT life has changed and unfortunately unless we move to the middle of nowhere and live off the land, we have to plod along … BUT we can still be Humble ,Honest and Happy and choose how we live and bring our Kids Up!

Everything is so structured now , and so much pressure on parents and kids. We don’t open up enough , cause nobody wants to be seen needy and weak! We put smiles on our faces when inside we falling apart , and most of the time its to protect our Kids and also not let the World “Our Friends” know whats happening… We don’t speak up enough! Yes there are some cases we have to hold our tongue and walk away , but if it means more to you , to be heard ,” then approach the issue head on and diplomatically.You either walk away happy or know you tried! My problem though, is I speak too much cause I can’t keep it inside – unless its giving the Hubby the silent treatment when he is irritating me! (and that’s hard cause I don’t shut up EVA!)

These last 2 weeks has been so new to us as a family ..We left a school that we had become a family of , we took 3 little boys out of their comfort zone . If I tell you how ill and hard its been for Me.. felt sick and questioned myself everyday! BUT guess what .. Our 3 amazing little men, never moaned or begged us to change our minds … They took on the new, and came home saying ,” Mom , Dad we fine and we love the new school and we love the Boys and Our Teachers! We made a choice financially , and I know parents who feel they can’t cause what would people say ? Who Cares! Do whats good for Your Family, not for everyone else!

Sport arrived (from Grade of 40 boys to 100 boys), and from been in the B Team , they were know 6th’s and D Team , and I was gutted for them … but not them! We just have to work harder mom cause we wanna be Better. I know its hard to be Happy all the time , us as Parents and Adults have so many responsibilities our kids have no idea about.. maybe we should just try be more honest with each other , lean on the mates that will be there and not judge , be direct in how you feel about things , and stand up for yourselves and your kids when you feel you need too! Like I learnt in Alateen many moons ago …. ONE DAY AT A TIME and if your drowning , Ask for Help there are still caring people out there..

I am gonna have my good days , and my bad , but I know that I,we have 3 Gorgeous Little boys that need us , they don’t need to know the drama , they just need to know we love them and we got their backs!

So now that I have babbled on and on … I just hope that things get easier for those taking strain , that you surround yourselves with people that matter , deal head on with the issues , and One Day at a Time… and hopefully HAPPINESS will follow!



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